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ChartaCloud Robotics Announces Agreement with Cognicept Systems

ChartaCloud Expands Software and Services to Advance the Use of Robots ‘in the wild’

NORTH HAMPTON, NEW HAMPSHIRE, UNITED STATES, May 11, 2020 / -- – ChartaCloud Robotics today announced that it has become a value-added reseller of COGNICEPT Systems. The ChartaCloud portfolio will now include software products and services provided by Cognicept Systems of Singapore, of France, and ZORABOTS of Belgium. The products and services are designed to advance the innovative development and deployment of existing and new concepts in cloud robotics.

The deployment, control, management, monitoring, and remote remediation of robots at scale in the next era of expanding robot utilization is critical.

Cognicept’s software and services automate the human-robot ‘human in the loop’ (HITL) link, to manage and remediate remote robot problems; enable robot developers to avoid the expense of dedicating costly engineering resources to build and staff end-user support for deployed robots, and speed the capturing of data analytics regarding robot task utilizations performance and efficiency.

“The real world can be a complicated place for a robot. We are still in an era when there are times robots ‘in the wild’ often need a human assist or intervention to complete a task successfully. Cognicept provides the software tools and human services to ensure optimal robot utilization and the capability of injecting human intelligence at critical moments to increase uptime which is crucial to the ROI companies depend upon to justify their robot investments,” said Michael Radice, managing director ChartaCloud Robotics.
The company also stated that robot developers are increasingly seeking off the shelf, speed to market solutions that advance the development and deployment of robots with improved features and functionalities while lowering developmental costs.

“Cloud-based robotics software provides a significant boost to a robot’s intelligence and capacity to perform tasks. Often the onboard processing/computing capacity of a robot is often too limited to conduct the increasingly sophisticated tasks being demanded of robots. Cloud-based robotics software provides proven solutions to meet that challenge. Added spectrum under WiFi 6, 5G telecom and network slicing will combine to continue to reduce network latency and the power of ‘human in the loop links’ which will significantly advance the types of tasks that can be delegated to robots,” Radice concluded.

About ChartaCloud ROBOTTECA

ChartaCloud Robotics provides cloud-based robotics software and services. Under its brand it also specializes in the sale, service, and support of socially assistive robots for use in COVID-19 disinfecting and detection, assisted pediatric health care, autism intervention therapies, foreign language learning, STEM educational curricula, senior care social engagement in skilled nursing facilities, public library ‘makerspace’ learning initiatives, retail/hospitality consumer engagement and tradeshow and customer education center presentations.

About Cognicept Systems

Cognicept provides Human-in-the-loop (HITL) error handling with their telerobotic intervention technology and remote robot pilots. This makes it easier and more economical to deploy robots by bridging the gap between the capabilities of the technology and the needs of robot users.

Cognicept’s supervised autonomy tools and services make unpredictable applications reliable and expand the potential of robotic systems.

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