Octogenarian With Med Conditions Beats Covid-19. Turns Attention to National Security

Co-Author "In Their Own Words"- and author "The Wider Look"

Former FBI Assistant Deputy Director, Unit Director, and  FBI Investigator of Soviet activities in the U.S.

Co-Author,In Their Own Words and Former FBI Asst. Dep. Director

The underlayment of today's Democrat Party

Octogenarian with underlying medical conditions beats Covid-19 then turns attention to a matter of greater concern, the underlying threat to national security.

Socialism is a gentle word many in the media like because it has a harmless sound to it. Communism is the reality of what is happening.”
— Donagh Bracken
PALISADES, NY, USA, May 11, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Octogenarian Donagh Bracken who has underlying medical conditions, tested positive for Covid-19 on Easter Sunday and opted for home seclusion with visiting nurse service rather than hospitalization. Two weeks later, he was advised by his nurse, he was "good to go." The eighty-five-year-old man had beaten the disease. When the nurse gave him the green light, he reached for his pen and took it to parchment. It was not his fight with the disease that interested him. It was something far more important. It was the undrlyig threat to national security.

He is also an author, most lately, a co-author with the FBI's legendary Terry Turchie who together, penned "In Their Own Words," an exposition of the Democratic Party's five decades old Movement implementing its incremental move to bring totalitarian communism to the United States under the guise of socialism.

"Socialism is a gentle word many in the media like because it has a harmless sound to it," says Bracken, "communism is the reality."

Bracken's "pen to parchment" move was predicated on the initiation of www.TheWiderlook.com a weekly online journal beginning Monday, May 11, 2020.A companion piece to "In Their Own Words," Bracken will be bringing light to the darkness where Democrats, corrupted by power and motivated by the addiction for even more power seek to undermine the Constitutional Republic by bringing a totalitarian communist state to America, a state in which a corrupted Democratic Party, would have greater control.

Donagh Bracken
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