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New Book Hailed by Retired FBI Oficials Roars to Best Seller Status On B&N

The underlayment of today's Democrat Party

Former FBI Assistant Deputy Director, Unit Director, and  FBI Investigator of Soviet activities in the U.S.

Co-Author, Former FBI Asst. Dep. Director

Co-Author,Historian, author

New book tears up platform of Democratic Party, exposes Communist connections, hits Bestseller Status. Hailed by retired FBI Officials.

Terry Turchie brought a dimension of excellence to our book that only someone in the tradition of the old FBI could contribute,"”
— Donagh Bracken
PALISADES, NY, US, February 23, 2020 / -- "In Their Own Words," the new book exposing the inroads international communism has made in the Democratic Party, made its first appearance Wednesday evening on Amazon and Barnes and and catapulted to "Best Seller" Status on Barnes and Noble's website and First Place in three categories on Amazon.

"In Their Own Words" launched upward after Co-Author Terry Turchie appeared on the "Tucker Carlson Tonight" Fox News Broadcast Wednesday evening, Feb. 19. He spoke about the influence of the communist ideology of the Weather Underground terror organization and Black Panther Party for Self-Defense on today’s Democratic Party. Both the WU and BPP advocated violent and political revolution to topple America’s Government. Their weapon of choice was accusations of systemic and institutional racism

Terry Turchie is a retired Assistant Deputy Director of the FBI and was highly regarded in the Bureau for his effective work in countering the Soviet Union's spy ring apparatus working out of the United Nations before the collapse of the Soviet Union. He is a frequently sought after expert by television programs for his expertise on matters pertaining to espionage and terrorism. He is well known for his understanding of the KGB, and the Russian and Chinese Communist "modus operandi". "In Their Own Words," is a logical extension of his understanding of the communist mindset in American politics.

Hailed by seven retired FBI Officials and co-authored by Terry Turchie, the American viewers apparently recognized the importance of "In Their Own Words" and responded with immediacy and their credit cards. "In Their Own Words" captured three Number One categories on Amazon: "Communism and Socialism"; "Political Freedom"; and "Comparative Politics."

In just two hours after Terry Turchie's "Tucker Carlson" appearance, "In Their Own Words", rose to Best Seller status on Barnes and Noble's website. "The importance of the book by the American viewers apparently was recognized and immediately felt", said co-author Donagh Bracken "Many Americans know or sense that something is wrong with today's Democratic Party". "Terry Turchie brought a dimension of excellence to our book that only someone in the tradition of the old FBI could contribute," Bracken added."His ability to do deep research was 'eye-raising' and what we learned was astonishing."

Bracken, A former Democratic Party official, speechwriter and Campaign Director in suburban New York left the Party because he no longer related to the Party's emerging, and now present, culture. Today, he is politically inactive but is a fulltime author and publisher. He and Terry Turchie have been invited to visit key marketing areas during the forthcoming months' which they are preparing to do.

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