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Vasiliki Lagoudis of Teaching Spirit Retreat Centers to be Featured on Close Up Radio

JEFFERSON VALLEY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, May 1, 2020 / -- The spirit is the enduring part of us, that carries us through our struggles, gives us strength to heal and celebrates our success.

Medicine Woman and Qigong Master Vasiliki Lagoudis is the visionary sage behind Teaching Spirit Retreat Centers.

“All healing begins with connecting and healing your spirit,” says Vasiliki, who is passionate about sharing ancient wisdom in modern times. “When I work with someone to heal, I work to strengthen their spirit and everything else follows. The true medicine is within you. Awaken your inner healer.”

Vasiliki’s mission is to empower people to love and accept themselves and live a life filled with enthusiasm and happiness. Being in her presence, her positive, strong energy is contagious and gives you inspiration. As a Qigong master she trains people in self-healing and self-empowerment.

“We have to reach that empowered state where we're ready to let go of fear and control,” says Vasiliki. “You create what you want in your life, but you have to get your spirit excited about it! How do you connect and work with your spirit? How do you align with their dreams and aspirations?”

As a child, Vasiliki recalls she could walk in a room and feel what everybody was thinking. Today, she uses these natural gifts and innate wisdom to help others balance all aspects of life.

“As a medicine woman, I usually get people when they are at the end of the road, searching for an answer. It may be a relationship, job change, health or emotional issues, the end result is they have hit a dead end and that is when your spirit cries out the most. These are the people I love to work with. I hear their spirit cry to be heard. I feel their heart ache to be loved and their inner child yearning for happiness.”

From transformational healer to happiness coach, Vasiliki has witnessed hundreds of people awaken and become passionate about life and those around them. This is what feeds and fuels her happiness.

“The more we try to control the external factors in our life, the further we are from our spirit,” says Vasiliki. “If you're always adjusting to change, you're in a reactive mode. You're simply trying to control your inner fears. You're not really listening to your spirit. I'm proud that I’ve been brave enough to stand up for spirit.”

The more Vasiliki shared her healing and empowerment programs, the more she was encouraged to create self-healing tools and share them with the world. She wrote Navigating Your Life: The Road to Emotional Freedom and Card Set and Created Breath Of The Ancients QiGong Program.

“This is what the world is hungry for and they're hungry because no one ever taught them how to feed their spirit,” says Vasiliki.

Close Up Radio will feature Vasiliki Lagoudis in an interview with Jim Masters on May 5th at 12pm EDT

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