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Affordable Port Colborne Self Storage plans building refurbishment

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Local business doing its part to revitalize industrial area

yes of course it will look clean, safe, and secure...visitors and residents alike want to take pictures. Port Colborne has a lot to offer and...can’t showcase it unless they get first-time visits”
— Andrew Soave

PORT COLBORNE, ONTARIO, CANADA, May 1, 2020 / -- Shortly after celebrating its 1-year anniversary, Affordable Port Colborne Self Storage is making big plans.

In an interview this week, owner Andrew Soave said “one of our strategic plans this year was to brighten up the building and improve the image of the industrial area at the south end of King Street. Now that the weather is improving, we’re going to get started”.

While the business has made several plans with its strategic partner, Stallion Enterprises International Corporation, its most immediate action is to repaint the building: “it’s a small step that goes a long way. Our building is directly south of the Welland Canal Trail, a popular route in Port Colborne. It’s the least we can do to brighten up an area in a city that is supporting new business”.

The building currently offers low-cost affordable storage units in Port Colborne and has been a popular choice over the year. Soave has purposely kept rates the cheapest he can, but suspects that the prime location is the reasons customers think he’s the best. After celebrating a full year in business, Soave is very pleased with operations and the positive impact that the business has had on community.

“There are a lot of people here that need to move quickly, and storage is an important part of these plans. Given the unprecedented events of the last couple of months, it’s not a wonder anymore why moving and storage is considered an essential business. We’re just trying to accommodate everyone we can”.

The business sits in an industrial area on King street, south of Sugarloaf street. While many of the surrounding buildings are in unfavourable condition, the traffic by car, bike and foot, as well as the incredible location for future buildings, poses a great opportunity.

An eye-catching building will also catch more advertisers, Soave mentions, which helps local business as well as being an additional source of revenue. Advertising space is currently rented to two clients, both of which have confirmed their intention to renew their contract this year. Both the north and the east sides of the building see at least 100 people pass each day on average.

Earlier in the year, Affordable Port Colborne Self Storage had tried to partner with a local school to showcase the work of high-performing arts students. While initial discussions were promising, the current pandemic has put many initiatives on hold, or prevented them altogether. Soave still sees an opportunity to bring something more artistic to the building perhaps in the summer of 2020: “yes of course it will look clean, safe, and secure, what we’d really like is to make this a spot where visitors and residents alike want to take pictures. Port Colborne has a lot to offer and the city can’t showcase it unless they get first-time visits”.

Those interested in partnering with Affordable Port Colborne Self Storage can contact for more information.

About Affordable Port Colborne Self Storage

Affordable Port Colborne Self Storage is a local leader in self storage, providing an economical solution to customers seeking an accessible yet secure storage location. The primary facility is located only steps away for the downtown area of Port Colborne and is a preferred partner for many local businesses storing inventory, tools, and for residents storing household contents while moving. Through its investments in security, technology, and customer service, Affordable Port Colborne Self Storage is well positioned to provide a superior customer experience while delivering a strong return for investors.

About Stallion Enterprises International Corporation

Stallion Enterprises International Corporation provides its clients a strong return through the purchase, management, and profit improvement of businesses and other assets. Since 2014 the company has provided consulting and contract work to companies and improved their profitability through improved sales, optimal pricing, or lower costs through process improvement and simplification. Stallion Enterprises International Corporation is involved in several industries such as real estate, self storage, and moving; property management and services; professional services such as accounting, consulting, and recruitment; financial services such as banking and insurance; energy; healthcare; and retail and food services. The company is based in Oakville, Ontario and has additional offices in Canada.

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