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TimiHealth Enabling Consumers To Completely Control Genomics And Health Data

As the need to find a COVID-19 vaccine accelerates, where is the balance going to be struck around the value of health data information.

We just believe there can be a fair and reasonable way for consumers/patients to share in the value derived from their health and genomics data.”
— Will Lowe, TimiHealth Co-Founder
AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, April 27, 2020 / -- Timihealth again emphasizes that consumers/patients should share in the revenues derived from their health and genomics data. Recent headlines re-enforce this point.

As the recent announcement showed us, Healthcare tech company Cerner and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are partnering up to make available health data for researchers in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, by allowing access to the de-identified patient data stored on Cerner’s HealthDataLab platform.

Timihealth’s blockchain powered ecosystem provides a way of finding a better balance. We understand the global wake up call that has impacted all of our daily lives. With that being said, we also realize that health and genomics data is extremely valuable. Will those getting access to this valuable data donate or give the therapies created for free?

Timihealth allows consumers/patients the ability to own, control, and opt-in to monetization opportunities of their personal healthcare data information. This alternative business opportunity may help millions of displaced workers who have lost their jobs.

"We know how truly valuable health and genomics data is to the future of medicine and combating COVID-19. We believe that consumers who choose to share or sell their data should receive a fair share of the financial windfall that comes from it. TimiHealth is on a mission to empower consumers/patients by allowing them to first compile their data in the highly secure TimiHealth Blockchain, while also giving them the ability to sell or refuse to sell that data to researchers. We fundamentally believe that the Cerner and Amazon announcement further advances our fundamental belief. Alternative business opportunities like TimiHealth will matter more than ever." said TimiHealth's co-founder Will Lowe.

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