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Superman Dean Cain

Superman Dean Cain

Political Advocate Brandon Straka

Political Advocate Brandon Straka

3 Non-Corona Conversations About Inspiration, Motivation and a Reminder of How Great The American People Are

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, USA, April 15, 2020 / -- A well-known Hollywood actor, a billionaire businessman and a dynamic social leader to be featured on the Everything Home talk radio show & podcast during April. Three very diverse successful careers and they’re famous for different reasons but they share the same value and belief: they love this country and strive to preserve the ideals of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all. In a time of chaos and crises, these interviews with 3 American Patriots are just what the doctor ordered.

Superman Dean Cain’s episode #111 is scheduled to air on April 15th

Dean Cain is an actor, filmmaker, reserve police officer and conservative who’s been working in the land of liberals for nearly 30 years. His engaging and genuine personality shines throughout the interview which covers his early background, All-American football days at Princeton while dating Actress Brooke Shields, how playing Superman changed his life, the many roles and projects, and his friendship with Navy Seal “American Sniper” Chris Kyle. What’s most admirable about Dean is his outspoken support for first responders and Veterans.

“It's wonderful to play a superhero but the real superheroes are the first responders, our law enforcement, our doctors, nurses, healthcare workers. Their lives are on the line, every single day and fortunately, they’re finally being celebrated and receiving the recognition they deserve”, says Cain.

His stories are entertaining, uplifting and sincere. Dean will be making future appearances on Everything Home.

Billionaire Philanthropist Foster Friess’s episode #112 is scheduled to air on April 21st

Foster Friess is an American Billionaire businessman, Philanthropist, and one of the “Greatest Investors of this Generation”. Foster left the Army with $800, a ’62 VW, a baby and a hide-a-bed. He became successful enough to be able to give away $200 million. He just turned 80 and this powerful interview is filled with hope, motivation, inspiration, business advice, quotes, stories, insight, free market capitalism, humor and real life experiences.

He attributes much of his success to his strong faith and belief in God. “Jesus asks all of us who have yielded our lives to Him to be His hands and feet in a hurting world. Galatians 6:2 exhorts us to carry other’s burdens, and in this way, you will fulfill the law of Christ. And remember it’s not our money, it’s His; we are only stewards.” says Friess.

Foster is currently working to promote the Founding Father principles of free enterprise, limited constitutional government, fiscal responsibility, and traditional American values through his movement, Foster’s Outriders and the Friess Family Foundation.

This conversation debunks the narrative and stereotype that wealthy people should be demonized for earning money and Billionaires are bad people. They should be celebrated for their contributions to society through their business and philanthropic efforts. Foster wears his heart on his sleeve and practices what he preaches.

Political Advocate Brandon Straka’s episode #113 is scheduled to air on April 28th

Brandon Straka is the founder of the #WalkAway Campaign, former liberal and Democratic Party supporter who had very publically walked away from the political left. He created a social movement encouraging others to do the same while bringing a new awareness and understanding to the reality of politics in America today.

His original YouTube video about his decision to leave the Democratic Party went viral in May of 2018, launching this explosive movement, uniting Americans across all demographics to #WalkAway from intolerance and societal discord; to leave identity politics behind; and to walk towards unity, civility and respect.

This conversation reveals why Brandon is the perfect example of the American Dream and what dedication, passion and living your purpose is all about. He’s overcome addiction, being shamed by the LGBT community - which used to embrace him and continually receives backlash from the haters of his movement. Their negativity only gives him more incentive to keep going.

The discussion covers liberal ideology, identity politics and the 2020 election. Regardless of one’s political affiliation, the information and opinions Brandon shares will provide a new perspective which encourages independent thinking and self fact checking.

His dynamic personality will embolden many to stand up for what they believe in and isn’t that what this country was founded on?

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