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DigiPro Media Creates Nationwide Resource for Small Businesses

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DigiPro Media announces the Save Small Business US Initiative, created to benefit businesses and staff financially crippled by COVID-19.

#1 priority is to equip business to use community & technology, to engage more effectively, via our programs & platforms, (i.e. instant cash-flow initiatives) to fight back & make it through together”
— Steve Barshov, CEO of DigiPro Media

PENSACOLA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, April 13, 2020 / -- DigiPro Media, LLC, an industry leader of digital accessibility solutions, is excited to announce a new Small Business Initiative, SaveSmallBusiness.US, which was created to benefit businesses in our communities that have been crippled by COVID-19. The effort was the result of a partnership of the Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association, the Greater Pensacola Chamber of Commerce, Kulture Konnect, N2Publishing, Coastal Alabama, DigiPro Pay, Reason Funding and many more.

DigiPro Media, created SaveSmallBusiness.US, to provide the small business owners across America a valuable resource during “shelter in place” and mandated shutdowns. We leveraged our technology skills and our ability to reach businesses virtually to help ease the pain. The site was funded and created by DigiPro staff at no cost to the sponsors or participants for the benefit of our community.

The initiative is represented by a growing group of community-minded entrepreneurs representing companies, industry associations, chambers of commerce, technology providers and others, collaborating to make a REAL difference. DigiPro Media is a small business too. Many of our clients are small businesses. We are all in this together!

Small Business accounts for nearly 50% of our GDP. Small businesses are in a critical state.

Being small has its advantages. We are nimble, we can change, we can pivot. We need to think our way out of this using all available tools at hand, including digital technology. DigiPro Media has reduced costs for new accounts and it working with existing customers, in the interim, to help get us all through this together.

And if we work together, we can not only survive, but THRIVE. The Save Small Business US site ties together state websites in Florida, California and Alabama, already up to offer a cash flow solution to small businesses and their staff. employee. The national site serves as a resource, an inspiration and a community space where small businesses and the entities that support them can collaborate, have visibility, find suggestions and solutions that have worked for others and share the benefit of their experience.

Go to SaveSmallBusiness.US now. To list your business, select “List Business” and fill out the form to become a part of our initiative to survive, or even better THRIVE through this challenging climate. We invite you to share it through social media and digital marketing channels to get the word out!

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