America is in Crisis — and Here’s Why We’ll Triumph

America is in Crisis — and Here’s Why We’ll Triumph

America is in Crisis — and Here’s Why We’ll Triumph

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In the days ahead we will all be faced with difficult issues we have never experienced. In the end, we as a country will be stronger because, we are courageous, are pioneers, and are resilient!”
— Nicky Smith, CEO/Founder, Carolina DIgital Phone Inc
GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, April 13, 2020 / -- The stunned look on people’s faces asks the same question: how did this happen so quickly?! In a matter of weeks, we’ve gone from being told to properly wash our hands (which we should be doing all the time anyway), to being advised or obliged to stay in our homes. Yes, America has faced bigger catastrophes before. But no, we have never experienced so much fundamental change in such a short period of time. Dizzying isn’t the word for this. Staggering is.

But make no mistake: as a nation we will triumph over this crisis, and we will learn from this experience to make us stronger and safer in a much brighter future. This expectation is not optimism. It is realism, and here is why:

1. We are Courageous

Throughout our history, when called upon we have always risen up and stepped forward to do what’s necessary and right. Indeed, we’re already seeing this across the country with the heroic actions of our health care workers, emergency service personnel, armed forces, and the millions of other brave men and women who provide essential services.
Plus, we’re seeing great courage and leadership from our business community. Both small firms and large enterprises are cooperating and collaborating in unprecedented ways. I am proud and honored to be part of this community, and am inspired by the level of support and engagement. When we’re all in it together, we can do anything.

And of course, we’re also seeing tremendous courage demonstrated by ordinary people who are checking up on their neighbors with a phone call or email, and purchasing food and other critical supplies for those who are in self-quarantine or mandated isolation. As I see such dedication, sacrifice and duty demonstrated by people of all ages and from all walks of life, I’m reminded of the words of President Franklin D. Roosevelt: “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the assessment that something else is more important than fear.”

2. We are Pioneers

The same pioneering spirit that gave birth to the most remarkable country in the history of the world is alive and well. It is a foregone conclusion that our best and brightest minds will work non-stop to develop effective treatments and therapies that rapidly help those who fall ill, as well as a vaccine that will eventually lead to the end of COVID-19.

And it’s not just our scientists and researchers who are leading the fight against this pandemic. Here is what Jennifer Haller, a 43-year old mother of two living in Seattle, said when asked why she volunteered to receive an experimental vaccine: “I wanted to do something because there’s so many millions of Americans that don’t have the same privileges that I’ve been given. They’re losing their jobs. They are concerned about paying bills, feeding their family. This was just something that I could do and that I wanted to do.”

3. We are Resilient

As a nation, we have always — without exception — bounced back after very tough times. This is not because we’re lucky, or because that’s how things are supposed to work. In fact, the history of other countries suggests otherwise: calamities typically trigger a period of ceaseless decline; sometimes gradual, and sometimes swift. But that isn’t how the American story unfolds.

We buck the trend and defy the odds by always coming back stronger and better, because we’re far more resilient than we tend to give ourselves credit for. We adapt, adjust, achieve, and aspire to keep raising the bar. And there should be absolutely no doubt that this unique pattern, which is so deeply embedded in the American character, will apply yet again.

The Battle Ahead

There is a long, difficult battle ahead that will put us to the test. But make no mistake: we have the courage to do what’s right and necessary. We have a pioneering spirit that innovates and invents profound solutions. And we have the resiliency to always bounce back stronger and better. With these remarkable traits bringing us together and powering us forward, we will not just overcome this crisis. We will triumph!

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Born and raised in the Piedmont Triad and very passionate about the growth of the business community, state and small businesses, Nicky Smith is a leader in the community, volunteers for a number of organizations including his Church, Christ United Methodist. Member of the Crescent Rotary Club, Nicky finds time to writes for the Triad Business Journal in addition to weekly blogs located at

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