We-Bridge: A New Distribution Channel for South Korean B2B Companies Expands in the US Market


SACRAMENTO, CA, USA, April 13, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ --
We-Bridge Worlds, LLC, a California based Software sales and distribution company, unveiled today its new sales partnership program, geared especially towards South Korean software companies looking to enter the US market.

As part of the new program, We-Bridge will handle all sales and marketing activities including: lead generation, hiring and training of US sales people, and giving guidance on the necessary product adaptations in order to help South Korean B2B companies enter the US market, with a special emphasize on enterprise security products. This partnership program by a US distribution company focusing on Korean B2B companies is the first of its kind and comes as a result of a unique collaboration between Korean and Israeli IT Security veterans with a vast experience in introducing foreign security products into the US market.

“We’re excited to be paving the way to young Korean B2B companies to enter the US and global markets”, said Oh Chi-young, co-founder of We-Bridge and chairman of Jiransoft. “Our goal is to accelerate the global growth of Korean B2B companies, especially companies selling Enterprise security products. It took Jiransoft more than a decade to become a global company; I hope I can help the next generation to accomplish the same in just a year or two” he added.
We-Bridge was founded by 4 Information Security entrepreneurs from Israel, US and Korea. All four founders Have the unique experience of being both IT security startup founders but also leading the global sales expansion efforts of their own companies, which gives we-bridge a special insight into the difficulties Korean IT security vendors face when entering global markets.

We-Bridge provides several “Go-to-Market” options, from assisting Korean companies to penetrate the US market by using their own teams to becoming the sole representative of the Korean companies in North America through We-Bridge’s own sales and marketing staff. Those Go-to-Market options include - market research, creating a go-to-market sales plan, adjusting and localizing the product, performing lead-generation, doing PR work in US media, and actively running a sales team to sell the products.

We-Bridge’s initial line of Korean Enterprise security products include: Exosphere all-in-one endpoint security for SMBs and Genian-NAC Network Access Control product from Genians.

The program is meant to address the various weaknesses Korean IT security companies have when entering the US market, while leveraging the strengths. The main weaknesses are - products that are not fully suited to the US audience; difficulties in lead generation and marketing; a long ramp-up time when building a sales team. The obvious strengths that are common to many Korean IT security companies are: high quality B2B products; quick development time; competitiveness ability and eagerness to penetrate global markets.

“I would like to see more Korean startups being successful in the global market. With Genians, we were able to get our US business going only after investing a lot of time and efforts.” Said Lee Dong-beom, co-founder of We-Bridge and co-founder and CEO of Genians. “I joined We-Bridge because I want to share our experience and help Korean startups.”
“We find that most Korean security products are not a good fit to the US market in their initial stage, but can be quickly adapted to the US market with some guidance by product marketing experts”, said Noam Rathaus, co-founder of We-Bridge and CTO of Beyond Security who will be handling most of the product adaptation work. “Our experience in working with Korean companies to adapt their product to the US market has been very positive. We found them to be responsive and quick to modify the product and this will significantly increase the chances of success in the US and global market”.

We-Bridge started its activities in February 2020 and is operating out of its headquarters in Roseville, CA, and Seoul, South Korea.

About We-Bridge:
We-Bridge is the first company to provide immediate access for Korean B2B companies to the US market. Founded in California in 2020, it has started its operations immediately and has produced its initial sales traction in less than 90 days from its initial founding date.

We-Bridge’s founders are: Oh Chi-young, founder and chairman of Jiransoft; Lee Dong-beom, co-founder and CEO of Genians networks; Noam Rathaus, co-founder and CTO of Beyond Security; and Aviram Jenik, co-founder and CEO of Beyond Security.
We-Bridge’s main focus is selling Korean enterprise products, with an emphasize on enterprise security products, in the US and global market. With a salesforce in Northern California the company provide turn-key solutions for Korean companies with mature B2B products who are looking to expand to the US and global market.

For more information, please contact – Korea: Oh Chi-young (ocy@jiran.com) USA: Aviram Jenik (aviram@beyondsecurity.com).

Or visit us at: www.we-bridge.co

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