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XcooBee creates SupportMe an easy-to-use CrowdFunding tool

XcooBee Crowdfunding

XcooBee Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding for the modern times

We want to remove cost as a factor to get started”
— Bilal Soylu
CHARLOTTE, NC, USA, April 2, 2020 / -- XcooBee, the Privacy Network, announced today the availability of SupportMe, a tool for crowdfunding and personal fundraising.

XcooBee was formed with the mission to support the digital rights and privacy of consumers and businesses alike. Our team recognized that the times are difficult with unique challenges and a future that looks uncertain. With this in mind the XcooBee team created a crowdfunding tool that is made to support today’s challenges.

“When we looked at what we could do to help in this area, we were astounded by the gaps and behaviors of existing leaders such as Patreon and GoFundme,” explained Bilal Soylu, the Chief Worker Bee of XcooBee. “The public review sites were slammed with reviews of what went wrong. And we used many of these to design a better alternative.”

Existing system-hurdles the XcooBee SupportMe technology addresses range from delays in receiving raised funds, to hidden fees, fraudulent charges, as well as, pressure by these platforms to gift donations to them.

The XcooBee SupportMe project is made to remove XcooBee as middleman from the payment process and deliver funds to raisers without delay. “Since every crowdfunder has their own Stripe account, they can control when and how fast they receive their raised funds,” stated Soylu. In addition, the SupportMe projects comes with full access to all communication channels including QR codes on business cards, web, social, and email channels as well as the ability to raise funds in multiple-languages.

SupportMe also supports magnification of outreach through Funding Panels that supporters may use to distribute the campaign-message to reach more people. Through independent funding panels, the XcooBee crowdfunding campaign can reach more people faster.

Recurring giving without time limits are also included with XcooBee SupportMe. This allows a continuous stream of support over longer time periods. It is a simple way to allow smaller continues donations to the campaign.

“Of course, we had to look at how and what data is collected during the fundraisers,” added Soylu. “We allow users to respect their donors’ privacy and only ask for what is needed. Their supporters will appreciate that our platform does not keep unnecessary data and does not sell any of it.”

The XcooBee SupportMe project is available with any Professional XcooBee subscription and can be used in concert with other project types such as membership payment management, attendee list, and secure document sending. “Our subscriptions cover a large tool set that is normally overlooked or paid-for through multiple subscriptions,” explained Soylu.

XcooBee SupportMe is available now till end of May without any subscription fees.
“We started this to help people in these times after looking at other options,” continued Soylu. “And, thus we are removing all subscription fees for our Professional Subscription levels. We want to remove cost as a factor to get started,” he added.

XcooBee provides peace of mind to fundraising and smart data and document automation. With strong roots in privacy technology we believe that as more countries adopt laws to protect their citizens’ privacy, using products like XcooBee will become a competitive advantage. To learn more about XcooBee’s Privacy Network please visit

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SupportMe by XcooBee - Modern Crowdfunding respecting you and your supporters