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Steven F. Weiner, MD Performs His "reJAWvenation" Procedure For Improving Jawlines on The Doctors Show

Dr Steven F. Weiner's "reJAWvenation" Procedure Before and After

Steven F. Weiner, MD Performs "reJAWvenation" On Jowls

Dr. Steven F. Weiner On "The Doctors Show" With His "reJAWvenation" Technique

Dr. Weiner's "reJAWvenation" procedure is a near painless 10 minute procedure which involves filler injections to improve jowling and strengthens the jawline

Dr. Weiner's "reJAWvenation" is an ideal procedure for people desiring a more youthful or defined jawline who prefer little to no downtime.”
— Steven F. Weiner, MD
SANTA ROSA BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, March 29, 2020 / -- Dr. Steven F. Weiner's trademarked "reJAWvenation" was featured on "The Doctors Show". He performed the procedure in front of a live audience in less than 10 minutes. A brand new device, Frozen C, was used to minimize the discomfort of the procedure, which was describe by Amy (the patient) as "comparable to a flu shot". Softfil microcannulas were used for the injection which "reduce bruising, swelling, and risk" stated Dr. Weiner. "While adding volume (filler) might sound counter-intuitive when there is jowling, proper placement of the filler can actually have a slimming and lifting effect" said Dr. Andrew Ordon, one of host of The Doctors Show. When the "reJAWvenation" was complete, Amy was brought into the audience so the cameras could capture her reaction at seeing her before and after results. The results were immediately obvious as they were revealed and Amy, the audience, and all "The Doctors Show" hosts agreed. She had no bruising or swelling noted in the reveal. "Those are great results" said Dr. Ordon.

Dr. Weiner, also knwon as "The reJAWvenator" noted that candidates for "reJAWvenation" vary from the young patient in their 20's who desire a firmer jawline, to a 60 year old with mild to moderate jowling. Older patients require more filler and often multiple visits to achieve their desired results. Patients with significant jowling or fat collections are best treated with a combination of modalities such as radiofrequency, liposuction, fat dissolving injections, or even surgery.

Preventive measures were discussed that included sun protection, and treatments such as peels, radiofrequency, and skincare. "Downtime?" was asked, and Dr. Weiner responded "there is no downtime and the only restrictions is to minimize strenuous activity until the following morning".

Dr. Weiner developed the "reJAWvenation" after careful analysis of the aging process of the jaw and facial soft tissue. He noted that the jaw looses bone along the lower border and at the gonial angle as a person ages. "Surprisingly, most physicians are still injecting onto the bone in the patients with jowling. Injecting onto bone in the aging patient is counter-productive, and will lead to widening of an already heavy lower face. "ReJAWvenation" adds volume to the areas of anatomic bone loss, which is below and behind the jaw, to replace what is missing." To maximize effects and to minimize risks, Dr. Weiner chooses to place the filler in a superficial plane. This plane also leads to less post-procedure discomfort because the muscles (masseter) and bone aren't irritated.

As previously alluded to, younger patients can also benefit from "reJAWvenation" to build a firmer jawline. The technique is slightly different and Dr. Weiner warns that "females with already wide lower faces, injections may make the jaw appear more masculine, so that needs to be consider prior to injections". Obviously, less filler is needed typically for the younger patients.

Dr. Weiner summizes that "reJAWvenation" is an ideal procedure for patients desiring a more youthful or defined jawline who prefer little to no downtime. "While it is not a surgical result, for a 10 minute procedure, there is demonstrable results" adds Dr. Weiner.

Dr. Weiner positions his practice, The Aesthetic Clinique, as one of the most technologically advanced cosmetic centers in the United States. Dr. Weiner lectures and trains worldwide on advanced injection techniques and aesthetic technologies. The Aesthetic Clinique was awarded the Best Aesthetic Practice in the U.S. in 2018 at The Aesthetic Show. In 2019 and 2020, The Aesthetic Clinique was voted Best Medspa and Best Doctor from The Best in Destin awards. He is one of the world's authorities on Radiofrequency Microneedling and recently published the most comprehensive review of the technology and studies in the Facial Plastic Surgery Clinics of North America. He was recently highlighted on "The Doctors Show" for his trademarked "reJAWvenation" technique for jawline rejuvenation using dermal fillers. Dr. Weiner has over 26 years of experience in the aesthetic industry.

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Dr. Steven F. Weiner On "The Doctors Show" Demonstrating His reJAWvenation Procedure