Thinking of Adding a Luxury Pool? The Pool Construction Timeline You Need To Know

Custom Luxury Pool Builder Liquid Evolution Pools in Scottsdale AZ

Custom Luxury Pool Builder Liquid Evolution Pools in Scottsdale AZ

Planning and preparation are key. Once we’ve been awarded a project, we dig deep and go heavy into identifying all of the design intentions, materials, job sites, and the timing of everything.”
— John Smieszek, co-founder of Liquid Evolution Pools

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, March 25, 2020 / -- Nearly 62% of all homes in Scottsdale have a backyard pool, and no more than ever, homeowners are considering this essential addition to increase the value of their home and increase the importance of their outdoor living space in their lives. Before you add that backyard pool, though, you likely have lots of questions about the process. Maybe the most important question you have, though, is exactly how long this project might take.

While the construction can vary, Liquid Evolution Pools is one company that can offer you a dependable timeline, as well as an entirely different approach that means your backyard pool is far more than a simple add-on, it’s an addition to your lifestyle. So, what does a Liquid Evolution Pools custom luxury pool look like from start to finish? Take a peek.

Phase 1: Planning
This is where Liquid Evolution Pools digs far deeper than any other pool builder in Scottsdale today. They not only look at the needed materials and the job site, but they also spend time with the homeowner, the architect, the landscape architect, and sometimes even the interior designer to understand the vision of the home and create a design that reflects that vision.

Co-founder John Smieszek said, “Planning and preparation are key. Once we’ve been awarded a project, we dig deep and go heavy into identifying all of the design intentions, materials, job sites, and the timing of everything. We build a solid plan we can work from so that everyone involved knows where we are and where we can expect to be over the weeks to come.”

Phase 2: Site Prep
Once the plan is in place, the team begins setting up the job site and putting everything in place so construction can begin. With a Liquid Evolution Pools project, the goal is to make certain every subcontractor involved knows exactly what to do. Every subcontractor has been involved in the planning process, and the team meets everyone on-site to answer any questions they may have.

Smieszek said, “We want to make sure that our plans are precisely executed, so we share our vision with everyone involved. Once the sub-contractors arrive, everything is really organized so they know what role they’re playing. Before we even break ground, we make sure everyone on our team really understands what’s coming.”

Phase 3: Construction
Construction typically begins with excavation, and while it would seem this stage is simple, even here Liquid Evolution Pools works to plan every aspect.

Smieszek said, “Especially with the first critical pieces, everything is carefully done, all the way down to the rebar. “

Company co-founder Gordon Berry echoed that sentiment, saying, “Yeah, I mean I think execution is something we work hard at. We’re on-site with each piece of the project, so we don’t just give them a good set of plans and hope for the best. Not only do we do pre-site meetings and get them involved in the design process, but we also meet them on site every time. I think that’s critical to our success.”

Every process might involve questions or changes homeowners need to make, and Liquid Evolution’s goal is always to ensure their clients’ visions are actualized, and that can’t happen without the team on-site routinely. From the initial excavation to the plumbing, Liquid Evolution Pools believes that creating a pool that fits with the homeowner’s goals and the home itself is critical.

Phase 4: Landscaping
Landscaping work is often dismissed as nearly unimportant in this process, but not every pool company thinks that way. In fact, in an ideal setting, Liquid Evolution integrates landscaping with the timeline.

Berry said, “Landscaping doesn’t make it any more complicated. In fact, sometimes, it’s a little easier. We like to get the pool close to finished, then get the landscape 100% finished before we do the interior surface of the pool. While there are sometimes timeline issues because of customer pressure, that’s the way a project should go.”

When the landscaping comes before the pool finish, beautiful things can happen in any Scottsdale backyard, and that’s always the goal for Liquid Evolution Pools.

Finishing the project right means sticking to the schedule established at the beginning, and Liquid Evolution Pools works to make that happen with every single custom pool and spa project.

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