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New Release by Author Jillion R. Rising – Just Released: The Solution is Political Revolution

The Solution is Political Revolution by Jillion R. Rising

CHICAGO, IL, USA, March 26, 2020 / -- The Solution is Political Revolution by Jillion R. Rising is a political non-fiction book that systematically reveals the US Government, and many of the deeply-rooted agencies it controls, no longer represents the American people. The force driving this abandonment is economic—namely, greed and influence. Politicians sell the will of the people to private interests for the sake of re-election, which in turn creates a paradox where those who stand to profit the most give back the least, and the people whom the government and agencies are meant to serve are left to pay the difference (in innumerable ways).

The Solution is Political Revolution is a relevant and compelling read. The findings outlined throughout the book are shocking and offer a new perspective, leading the reader to view the discussed topics in a new light. It provides an amazing amount of information and documented findings to back up each and every point made. The sections on America's drug problems and the 2008 Mortgage Crisis reveal a sinister side to the powerful and wealthy, and the information regarding immigration and identity politics is superb and quite revealing. The evidence regarding the surge of US national debt and the driving force behind that surge is staggering and will leave most readers shocked and many readers angry.

Jillion R. Rising has written an impassioned, engrossing piece of work. The arguments and facts that support them are articulate and difficult to discount. Although there are many important topics highlighted throughout the book, of particular interest is Rising’s carefully crafted depiction of what is the real power behind America’s financial and economic strength.

His statement, “The American people must understand, it is not Wall Street, or an imperial government that makes our nation’s economy the envy of the world... the strength of the fiat monetary system rests upon the shoulders of the American taxpayer.”

In the end, Jillion R. Rising pushes through the rhetoric and boldly shines a light on these issues and many more, and does so in a way that is easy to read, easy to connect with, and easy to recommend. Available now on Kindle or paperback at (Click here or copy and paste the link in your browser:

About Jillion R. Rising
Jillion R. Rising was born in the Midwestern region of the U.S. in 1960. He grew up on what he calls the streets of hard knocks and has earned his Master’s Degree in what is called Life! In other words, he comes from humble beginnings and understands how hard it is for all Americans not fortunate enough to be born of privilege. Click here to learn more about Jillion.

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Jillion R. Rising
Jillion R. Rising
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