Hyosung Harnessing Softil’s Technology to Raise the Bar in Virtual Banking

Pierre Hagendorf, Softil’s CEO

Virtual bank agents and tellers to use IP video in new breed of Hyosung ATMs to keep customers accessible to bank services anytime at 90 plus bank corporations

Softil’s BEEHD will provide Hyosung’s developers with optimized video/audio communication components and enable easy integration into its ATMs in the shortest timeframe”
— Pierre Hagendorf, Softil’s CEO
TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, March 24, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Leading IP communications enabler Softil today announces that one of world’s major ATM vendors, Seoul-based Hyosung TNS, will use its best-of-breed BEEHD developer technology to bring about a new era in banking between virtual tellers/agents and their customers.

The ATM giant will harness Softil’s technology to add live IP Video to its terminals enabling virtual bank tellers and agents at any location to interact on-line with customers. Banks can reduce the number of costly brick-based branches as a result.

IP Video will be integrated into Hyosung’s Active Teller point-of-interaction solution. Banks will then be able to fully interact with customers in real-time with full knowledge of all their financial details in advance. The banking services available via virtual tellers are not only general transaction-based services but also complex transactions such as check-cashing, multiple transfers, debit card issuing, password change, and account opening. The virtual teller shall get involved with user authentication process when necessary.

Over 90 banking corporations in the US, Korea and Indonesia use Active Teller Solutions.

Softil’s BEEHD SDK is a developer tool and will enable Hyosung to add “Skype-like” audio-video communication capabilities to banking workflow. A principal benefit of the new IP Video-enabled ATMs is that they create flexibility about a bank teller’s location.

Instead of solely relying on physical tellers and financial services’ employees serving customers at a branch, Active Teller ATMs also create a virtual teller experience. Virtual tellers are staff members working remotely from off-site bricks and mortar locations such as a call center, operations center or corporate building that can assist clients remotely.

Mr. Hyun-Sik Sohn, CEO of Hyosung TNS, comments: “In today’s ever diversifying global business environment, changing customer needs, and competitive market trends, Hyosung TNS pours endless resources into R&D to provide new technologies into the world and this new breed of ATMs built through Softil’s BEEHD enabling technology will be another.”

Pierre Hagendorf, Softil’s CEO, adds: “Every industry is moving into the smart and lean customer-centric era and Softil’s BEEHD will provide Hyosung’s developers with optimized video/audio communication components and enable easy integration into its ATMs in the shortest timeframe.”

Softil’s BEEHD technology is a cross-platform client framework designed for chipset vendors, device manufacturers, system integrators, application developers and service providers to develop IP-based mission-critical voice and video communications over LTE (VoLTE and ViLTE) solutions.

About Hyosung TNS

For nearly four decades, Hyosung TNS (aka “Nautilus Hyosung”) has been a leading provider of financial and retail ATM solutions including hardware, software and ATM services. The firm offers a complete line of quality ATMs including drive-up, through-the-wall and full function ATMs which feature advanced deposit functionality (bulk note, bulk check deposit and cash recycler).

About Softil

Softil is today’s de-facto IP communications leader and enabler for more than 800 corporations across the globe. Its technological achievements include the pioneering of Voice and Video over IP with a wide range of embedded technologies and testing solutions, combining our unique expertise in standards-based signaling, multimedia and IMS. Softil’s award-winning suite of Protocol Stacks, including IMS, Diameter, SIP and H.323, as well as its state-of-the-art BEEHD client framework, provide the core technology behind the rich media applications and products of today’s Enterprise, IMS/VoLTE, and Mission Critical communications industry, greatly simplifies their development, and ensures earliest time-to-market. For further information, visit https://www.softil.com.


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