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The "Reluctant" Entrepreneur Joan Breibart

Entrepreneur Joan Breibart

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, US, March 23, 2020 / -- Joan Breibart is an anomaly in the world of self-promoting entrepreneurs. She spearheaded the nascent Pilates industry at age 50 and still competes at age 78 in the now expanded Wellness trade. The famous quote "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win” attributed to Mahatma Gandhi is the perfect description of an entrepreneur with original ideas focused on invention and not ‘branding’.

Joan Breibart, Founder of the PhysicalMind Institute (the precursor to The Institute for the Pilates Method) started the Pilates boom in 1991 and propelled a tiny cult into a household name in a decade. Although Joe Pilates should have seen his Method lead the way in the newly founded exercise industry, the media chose to exalt “calorie burning “exercise regimens. After 20 years of injuries from mindless aerobics, the public was ready to explore Pilates, a more evolved body conditioning method. Breibart’s vision for correcting bodies with Pilates principles guided her to invent nine innovative products.

Similarly, Breibart saw a burgeoning (with weight) population aimlessly obsessed with pseudo-science diets. 80bites which Breibart co-founded with Meredith Luce RD MS LN in 1987, as Diet Directives, offered a straightforward way to understand how often, how fast and how much you eat. Although the launch in April 1987 was accompanied by a five-page article in SELF Magazine written by Candance Bushnell (pre-Sex & the City), the public was not ready for a low QUANTITY solution to weight loss.

Breibart sees clearly that entrepreneurship in the body business revolves around copycat programs—no visionaries in sight and, that these are popular despite their failure. Even though the situation is dire, the wellness industry continues to focus on nutrient manipulation, body positivity, torching calories, 10,000 steps (the worst idea if you are obese for obvious reasons) and ‘healthy’ eating regardless of quantity or hormonal consequences. In fact, besides Breibart, only Bill Maher talks plainly about obesity and its effect on healthcare and our ‘everyone is perfect regardless of the cost to others’ culture.

Jane Brody, NY Times Nutrition Editor for the past 50 years, writes last week that ‘Half of us face obesity, dire projections show’. Breibart disagrees with the tenets of the article as the numbers cited are based on a flawed formula. Her premise is that obesity can be fixed but not with diet and exercise!

The more limited food resources of the future will force a halt to overconsumption so it’s time to prepare now. Leaning to downsize consumption is now a new trend as put forth in the New Yorker article ‘Can We Have Prosperity Without Growth’ by John Cassidy.

Joan Breibart is available for interviews or commentary. Because she has no degree in nutrition—although her 80bites partners have multiple—she can speak candidly without having to protect a profession. Her point of view on the obesity epidemic-- which she predicted in 1987-- will be an ah ha moment when she explains why her prediction from decades ago has become an unfortunate reality. Joan Breibart is an entrepreneur with real intellectual property: nine trademarks – Body Conversations® just issued and nine patents—SmartSeat™ issued a week ago.

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