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XcooBee creates easy-to-use file acceptance tool to thwart spammers

File Drop is easy to use and secure

Accept secure file delivery documents from anyone.

the delivery process uses end-to-end encryption, and XcooBee guarantees delivery and erasure”
— Bilal Soylu
CHARLOTTE, NC, USA, March 5, 2020 / -- XcooBee, the Privacy Network, announced today the availability of File-Drop, a tool for standard XcooBee subscribers to accept secure file delivery documents from anyone.

XcooBee was formed with the mission to protect the digital rights and privacy of consumers and businesses alike. This also includes removing stress from daily digital interactions. With this in mind, our team developed File-Drop, a mechanism where regular subscribers can accept secure submission of digital documents directly from any third party without a XcooBee account.

“The XcooBee Privacy Network has had secure document exchanges from its inception and this allows business subscribers to embed customized workflows directly into their websites. This feature gives customer a place to conveniently and securely drop of documents,” explained Bilal Soylu, the Chief Worker Bee of XcooBee.

“Hearing of more exploits via email through phishing and spamming, such as the recent scam involving Barbara Corcoran paying over $370K, we decided to make File Drop type service available to nearly all subscribers.”, continued Soylu.

XcooBee File Drop allows users to accept documents from any third party as long as the party has an access key. Users can drop off documents following a link that is shared with them. The documents are automatically checked for viruses and spam and only if they pass, will the files be made available to recipients.

“There are several advantages to using File Drop over email,” stated Soylu. “File Drop can handle extremely large files, the users submitting the file have to have an access code, the delivery process uses end-to-end encryption, and XcooBee guarantees delivery and erasure.”

XcooBee File Drop operates with the full security of the XcooBee Privacy Network. Unlike email systems there are no intermediate copies on uncontrolled email servers, and nothing is ever exposed in plain text.

XcooBee also offers an easy upgrade and scale-out path to businesses that want to expand on File Drop. Example scenarios include: Users that wish to extend this principle to their business and/or websites, Users that wish to add automatic workflow, Users that wish to run documents for analysis by an invoice AI to determine whether invoices are legitimate. We encourage these users to contact XcooBee professional services for more information on the complete set of document management solutions available.

XcooBee provides peace of mind to businesses looking to comply with new privacy rules, such as GDPR and CCPA as well as smart data and document automation. As more countries adopt laws to protect their citizens’ privacy, using products like XcooBee will become a competitive advantage. To learn more about XcooBee’s Privacy Network please visit

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