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Athena Racing is Accepted into Prestigious M10 LIFT Nonprofit Accelerator Program in Silicon Valley

Athena Racing is accepted into the Silicon Valley Accelerator Program with M10 Society to advanced the nonprofit with 5x growth

Athena Racing is accepted into the Silicon Valley Accelerator Program with M10 Society

The award-winning, STEM education program Athena Racing is accepted to the LIFT Accelerator program for nonprofits with M10 Society in Silicon Valley.

SAN DIEGO, CA, USA, March 2, 2020 / -- Athena Racing, an award-winning STEM-education nonprofit which was introduced in Southern California at the beginning of the 2019-20 school year, is ramping up growth as an inaugural member of the M10 Society’s LIFT Accelerator program for nonprofit corporations.

LIFT is a distinctive, “high-touch” program combining capacity building with hands-on execution and support from our M10 Society mentor and expert pool. Our mentors and experts partner with leadership teams from high-potential nonprofits - driving initiatives that progress them towards their ambitious goals over a 12-month period.

“The similarity of our two programs is what drew me to LIFT. Ten months ago, I conceptualized an idea that has since grown into an award-winning extra-curricular program. Athena Racing is a one-year program with intensive training and study in ten education tracks. The knowledge gained through this program is a necessary foundation for life, business, and career growth. When I discovered the LIFT program, I knew it was exactly what I needed. My goal is to set the structure of our program here in San Diego and grow to five other cities within the next five years,” said Loxley Browne, CEO & Founder of Athena Racing. “Being in the inaugural class at LIFT will grow my program in one year what would normally take five to seven years. With the experience, guidance, and mentorship of the incredible talent at M10, I will be able to easily obliterate the business hurdles everyone faces.”

With both programs in their inaugural year, setting the precedent for a new standard for female empowerment is top of mind. For Athena Racing the goal is to expose more young ladies to STEM careers in the automotive, motorsports and transportation industries; bolstering confidence and ability so that the young ladies feel secure in this male-dominated career path. The goal for LIFT is to work with passionate nonprofit teams looking to grow their organization substantially over a 12-month period. LIFT actively engages with each team, providing 800 hours of expert time to achieve quality results in all areas of the organization, including multiple opportunities to present to their Donor Panels.

Growth for Athena Racing is found through implementing corporate sponsorships, creating far-reaching in-school programs, developing project-based curriculum, connecting students with internships/apprenticeships within the industry, and setting the business structure for growth. Having the knowledge of M10’s experts provides ease and clarity that correctly sets the foundation for growth.

Changing the mindset of the nonprofit sector is top-of-mind for both organizations. “The nonprofit sector is broken,” said Browne. “Coming from the for-profit, start-up world my goal is to create an education nonprofit that becomes self-sustaining within the next five years. I am told sustainability is nearly impossible by those who have spent their career working in the nonprofit sector. Contrary to popular belief, any corporation/business/individual who intends to grow and prosper requires a healthy bottom line. Just because nonprofit is in the title does not mean it should run in the red. It is ludicrous that anyone believes nonprofits corporations and their staff should exist on less while expecting to create better.”

“LIFT’s core mission is to make the organizations marketable, fundable, sustainable, and accelerate growth over a 12-month program” says Mariianne Crary, Co-CEO of M10 Society. “We’ve combined our nonprofit expert pool with our experienced startup acceleration mentors to create a program specifically designed for nonprofit organizations. Intertwining the two worlds of non-profit and for-profit was no easy feat. We extensively researched and spent many collective hours creating the LIFT program. By combining expertise in both fields, we created a valuable solution for nonprofit success and complementary achievement to the donors and sponsors that contribute to their cause.”

The LIFT program begins in May with a boot camp in Silicon Valley where the selected 12 nonprofits will be immersed in a 4-day Bootcamp.

LIFT Bootcamp

Day 1-3: Morning Session
Mini-workshops tailored to the participating organizations with professional speakers and trainers.

Day 1-3: Afternoon Session
Participating teams and M10 coaches/experts/mentors work to implement learning and develop the strategic plan for the remainder of the program along with preparation for Donor Panel on Day 4.

Day 4
Presentation to invited Donor/Sponsor Panel

Athena Racing was the second nonprofit to be chosen and there are still a few more positions to be filled. Those high-potential nonprofits, who are interested in accelerating their growth, should apply before the March 31st deadline. The Accelerator starts on May 26, kicking off twelve months of capacity building and execution with hands-on experts, weekly calls with the assigned lead mentor, workshops, and quarterly pitches to Donor Panels. To apply, go to:


About M10 Society:
M10 Society’s mission is a world united through human connection. Our goal is to empower people to create a positive impact on human or global conditions around the world.

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About Athena Racing:
Athena Racing is an award-winning STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education extracurricular non-profit focused on providing training and mentorship to young ladies in high school interested in pursuing innovative careers in the transportation, automotive and motorsports industry. Visit to learn more.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Emma Barton
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