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Retired FBI SAC Soviet Counterintelligence, Hails New Book

The underlayment of today's Democrat Party

Former FBI Assistant Deputy Director, Unit Director, and  FBI Investigator of Soviet activities in the U.S.

Co-Author, Former FBI Asst. Dep. Director

Author, Historian, Former Democratic Campaign Dir.


New book about Democratic Party's push to make socialism a transformative step towards communism hailed by retired FBI SAC Soviet Counterintelligence.

"In Their Own Words" shines the light on the insidious nature of socialism as the transformative step towards communist utopia. The problem is-the utopian part never happens.”
— R. Jean Gray
PALISADES, NY, US, February 12, 2020 / -- A retired FBI Special Agent in Charge of Soviet Counterintelligence responded after reading a review copy of "In Their Own Words," citing specifically Bernie Sanders and Bill DeBlasio

"In Their Own Words" answers an important question on the minds of many Americans- what is happening inside America’s Democratic Party today?

During the 1980s, before the collapse of the Soviet Socialist Republics, prominent Democratic leaders Bernie Sanders and Bill De Blasio were ardent supporters of Marxist Daniel Ortega and his Nicaraguan revolution. Ortega was the man of the people, intent on forming a socialist government of equality in the Central American country. Today Ortega crushes dissent from the people he “liberated,” joining Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela as just another “elected” dictator who has destroyed his country through the implementation of socialism. But who from the media is questioning the horrendous judgment of Sanders and De Blasio back then, as they actually push the same policies for America now? "In Their Own Words" shines the light on the insidious nature of socialism as the transformative step towards communist utopia. The problem is-the utopian part never happens. This book explains why.
(R. Jean Gray, Special Agent in Charge, Soviet Counterintelligence, FBI, New York, Retired).

"In Their Own Words," shines the light on Congressmen, Senators, and mayors whose action and words indicate their intentions. In 1984 Marxist Daniel Ortega became President of Nicaragua, elected with 60% of the vote. Having received training in "urban resistance" and guerrilla warfare in Fidel Castro's Cuba, Ortega immediately embarked upon the redistribution of wealth in Nicaragua and the transition of the nation to full-blown socialism. Of course, Ortega and his henchmen in Nicaragua sparked the very insurrection that led to the previous Government's collapse and Ortega's rise to power.

Today, Ortega runs Nicaragua as an authoritarian dictator whose police have killed hundreds of Nicaraguan citizens protesting against him in the streets. His only objective is to continue securing his power and authority, as Nicaragua and its people suffer from his rule. Of course, the estimates of people killed in furtherance of Ortega's mentor in Fidel Castro's Cuban Revolution range from a low of 7,000 to a high of 140,0000. Two million Cubans live outside Cuba today. Cuba's mainstay is helping its key allies in Russia and China spread communism under the guise of more "democracy."

In the 1980's and early 90's, two American politicians fell in love with Cuban and Nicaraguan inspired "socialism," and viewed it as the wave of the future-just as President Ronald Reagan's policies were about to bring freedom to millions across the world, with the collapse of the Berlin Wall and eventually the Soviet Union itself. Today those politicians-Bernie Sanders and Bill De Blasio want to lead America down the same path, using the same plan-America is systemically racist and irredeemable. The racist police are the problem.

De Blasio actually honeymooned in Cuba, just as Sanders honeymooned in Russia. De Blasio and Sanders have one important thing in common-their judgment was horrible in the 1980s and their judgment is horrible now. Neither of them could ever pass a background investigation to become an FBI agent because of that judgment. And yet they dream of redistributing the wealth of Americans as soon as they "take" power. If Americans want to know where Sanders and De Blasio would lead, they need to look at today's Cuba and Nicaragua-and think about the millions trying to flee from the equality brought about by "socialism."

"In Their Own Words" goes far beyond New York City Mayor former Presidential Candidate DeBlasio and Democratic Presidential front runner Bernie Sanders and examines the underlayment of the Party Platform of 2016 and examines how the Democratic Party has managed to move so many Democratic voters to vote for Bernie Sanders.'

"In Their Own Words," is available as a hardcover and an e-book on Amazon and B& It is also available in better bookstores nationally and in libraries internationally through Overdrive and Baker and Taylor.

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