The Integration Of SharePoint With TimeControl Timesheets Brings Unparalleled Collaboration To Core Systems

TimeControl's SharePoint Integration

When using TimeControl's integration capabilities with Microsoft’s SharePoint, the two make a business-changing combination.

MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA, February 6, 2020 / -- HMS Software’s TimeControl timesheet system has included links with many different Project Management and Finance systems for many years. It also has extended its integration capabilities with Microsoft SharePoint. HMS has now expanded its TimeControl/SharePoint portal with resources for users of both systems to see how to impact business processes and operations when TimeControl and SharePoint are integrated. TimeControl can be integrated with SharePoint in a number of ways:

Bi-Directional Data integration
TimeControl takes advantage of the SharePoint API to deliver integration between the two systems using TimeControl’s Link module. This bi-directional link brings SharePoint Tasks, or lists of issues or activities into the TimeControl Charge Table either on demand or on an automated schedule. This allows day-to-day collaboration data to pre-populate lists of tasks to which time can be recorded in TimeControl. There are many other elements to the integration including support by both systems for Active Directory single-sign-on. The integration is included with every version of TimeControl.

Provision TimeControl directly into SharePoint
Whether you are using SharePoint Online or SharePoint on premise, TimeControl can be provisioned right inside your SharePoint interface. Users do not need to exit SharePoint to access their TimeControl timesheet functionality. When tied with SharePoint, TimeControl becomes part of a larger whole.

Display your TimeControl data right in your SharePoint Dashboard
TimeControl data can be displayed in your SharePoint or BI dashboard, bringing your TimeControl timesheet data right into your collaboration environment and shortening decision making time.

Bring SharePoint and TimeControl even closer with the TimeControl API
TimeControl also includes a fully functional RESTful API which can be used to pull TimeControl information into SharePoint, push information from SharePoint into TimeControl or even blend data from both systems into mash-up reports. Combining functionality from the SharePoint and TimeControl APIs delivers tremendous power from both systems.

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