Mövenpick Resort Petra Makes the Most of its Precious Water Resource

Mövenpick Resort Petra Team Members

Green Globe recertified Mövenpick Resort Petra at the end of last year.

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The Mövenpick Resort Petra is located directly at the entrance to the historic Jordanian city of Petra. The resort with an oriental flair features an exciting combination of natural stone, handcrafted wood and Middle Eastern fabrics and textures where guests can enjoy time spent in one of the world’s most extraordinary destinations.

Green Globe recertified Mövenpick Resort Petra at the end of last year awarding the property an outstanding compliance score of 91%.

Armin Weller, Hotel Manager at Mövenpick Resort Petra details some of the sustainable measures implemented at the property that have led to the successful attainment of this high score.

Water Saving Measures

As the hotel is located in Petra, one of the driest places in Jordan and in the world, a great deal of our efforts are focused on reducing and saving water. This has been achieved by installing water-saving aerators on taps as well as dual flush toilets in all guest rooms. As a result, we were able to reduce water usage per room by quite a substantial amount. In 2017/18, 881 liters of water per room was consumed whereas in 2018/19, 809 liters was used, a reduction of over 8%.

Improved water management efficiency in daily operations also extended to better control of water used for irrigation purposes. More plants requiring less watering are now featured in gardens and landscape areas..

Reduction of Electricity Usage

The Petra region has seen the installation of a wind park to generate power in recent years. This greatly helps with our objectives to utilize renewable energy as over 90% of energy is currently imported in Jordan. We have also been able to reduce power consumption by 49.15 KW per guest/per room in 2017/18 to 45.18 KW per guest/per room in 2018/19. This was achieved by upgrading light bulbs across the property to LED, improvements made on the servicing of electrical systems and upgrading electric powered equipment to newer models (refrigeration, aggregates, motors etc.). The hotel has implemented Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) for all pumps that significantly reduce energy usage and running costs.

Waste Management Practices

Mövenpick Resort Petra remains committed to minimizing environmental impacts. The hotel reduced its waste volume by 2% over the past year although the number of guests staying at the hotel increased by 15 239 visitors. In 2017/18, 71,505 guests arrived at the hotel while in 2018/19, 86, 744 guests checked in. This reduction was achieved by introducing a recycling program for plastic waste throughout the property and raising environmental awareness amongst team members through on-the-job sustainability training.

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