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Canvs AI Announces the Addition of Consumer Behavior Expert Michel Tuan Pham to the Company Advisory Board

Michel Tuan Pham

New board member will help to continue the company's commitment to accuracy, quality and providing a deep understanding of consumer emotions

Canvs's patented semantic technology for market researchers is truly the industry standard in measuring emotion.”
— Michel Tuan Pham

NEW YORK, NY, USA, January 28, 2020 / -- Canvs AI, which offers a patented semantic AI technology to boost understanding and empathy, is pleased to announce the addition of Michel Tuan Pham to the company's diverse Board of Advisors. Canvs was searching to refine its AI-powered platform to give customers a deeper understanding of how its audiences think and feel to optimize the decision-making process. Canvs connected with Pham because of his deep expertise in understanding how emotion drives consumer behavior, thus making him the perfect candidate to help the company.

Pham is the Kravis Professor of Business in Marketing at Columbia Business School. He is also the Research Director of the Center for Global Brand Leadership and Co-Director of Columbia’s Brand Leadership program for executives. Pham has spent more than 25 years of his professional career researching the intersection of consumer behavior, psychology and marketing. Pham is a well-known expert on the role feelings and emotions play in consumer judgment, decision-making and consumer motivation.

In his new role, Pham led the company through an extensive emotion mapping study. Canvs partnered with Pham to affirm, substantiate and further enhance the accuracy of its patented AI technology in defining the meaning of the emotion being expressed in open-ended responses. In this study, Pham and some of his doctoral students examined how various examples of emotional expressions, extracted by the Canvs platform, were classified and then aligned them with major emotion typologies. The study tested the classifications completed automatically by the AI platform, and then analyzed the accuracy of the technology.

Pham stated, "Canvs's patented semantic technology for market researchers is truly the industry standard in measuring emotion. Prior to my joining the board, the company boasted a high accuracy rate, and now with my assistance, the accuracy is getting even higher. They are the first of their kind to field a study of this nature and complete it with such a high percentage of accuracy."

The power of Canvs lies in its use of Natural Language Processing, specifically in the open-ended responses to survey questions. With a powerful accuracy percentage of emotional classification, Canvs enables clients with actionable insights to influence business decisions. Demonstrations of the Canvs platform can be scheduled at

About Canvs
Canvs connects consumer input to research insights with patented semantic AI technology that helps companies like Comcast, Fox, Sony, Turner and Netflix deeply understand and empathize with their audiences. For eight years, Canvs has been learning real human expression and language, including emoticons, slang and sarcasm, to create the world’s largest ontology for measuring emotion. The Canvs Surveys solution helps researchers bridge the gap between audience emotion and business impact.


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