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Tucson Arizona Woman Heals Herself of Fibromyalgia using Biofeedback

Tucson BIofeedback offers new hope for people suffering from Fibromyalgia and other Chronic Health Conditions

Freedom from Fibromyalgia

Tucson Biofeedback Mast Cell and Histamine Intolerance infographic

Infographic on Mast Cell Dysfunction

Biofeedback and Microcurrent Therapies could present a new frontier in Fibromyalgia treatment, rapidly healing tissue, removing pain and halting inflammation

Biofeedback and Microcurrent Therapy could offer new hope to people suffering with Fibromyalgia and other Chronic Health Conditions.”
— Dr. Anna Blessing
TUCSON, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, January 29, 2020 / -- A Tucson woman who healed herself of Fibromyalgia using Biofeedback and Microcurrent therapy believes this type of treatment could offer new hope to people suffering with this dreaded diagnosis.

After suffering for years with debilitating chronic fatigue, crippling anxiety, migraine headaches 3-5 times a week and the chronic pain and depression associated with Fibromyalgia, Dr. Anna Blessing, PhD of Tucson Biofeedback, understands the condition all too well.

Even as case numbers rise, doctors still have little understanding about the causes and treatments of this dreadful condition.

When traditional methods failed to alleviate her suffering and natural approaches like chiropractic, acupuncture, nutrition and massage did little more than make a day easier Dr. Blessing, set out on a mission to heal herself.

Along the way, she came to understand the inner workings of Fibromyalgia and many other troubling conditions and ultimately found healing of her own. Today, she has been in permanent remission from Fibromyalgia and the associated conditions for almost 10 years and has since devoted her life to supporting the healing of others through her Biofeedback Clinics based in Tucson.

So, what did Dr. Blessing discover that transformed her and countless others’ health?

“It came down to first knowing that the Power that made the body heals the body when it has the proper tools and the interferences are removed. I knew God did not create our bodies to be like this” says Dr. Blessing. “This knowing threw me into years and thousands of hours of study and application that revealed three key aspects of healing.”

1. Histamine Intolerance and Mast Cell Dysfunction is a much bigger issue in the body’s breakdown than thought and has been present in every case Dr. Blessing has encountered. This explains why a person can be eating clean and taking the highest-grade supplements and still feel terrible. The body is sensitive to nutrients, foods and a host of other things that are continually triggering an inflammatory response. Tucson Biofeedback has developed a Biofeedback Protocol that de-sensitizes the body’s reactions to nutrients, food and other triggers.

2. It’s important to specifically target the nerves, spine, brain and limbic system to “reset” the body’s innate flow of energy using Biofeedback, Neurofeedback and Frequency Specific Microcurrent Therapies.

3. Releasing stored trauma is key. In every case some sort of trauma has occurred whether it be physical, emotional or chronic repetitive cellular trauma. Books like “The Body Keeps the Score” document how trauma impacts our health and well-being even if we don’t remember it.

Dr. Blessing says there is a growing number of medical evidence in published papers that further points to these three aspects and their connection to many health conditions, not just Fibromyalgia.

Board Certified Doctor of Naturophathy, Carolyn Waygood, ND says, "Medical researchers have proven that certain frequencies specifically stimulate the growth of nerves, bones, skin, capillaries, and ligaments."

Dr. Blessing and her team at Tucson Biofeedback have seen patients dealing with Fibromyalgia and other chronic conditions experience impressive recoveries. She says they don’t claim to offer a ‘cure’ for the condition or others like it but believes they are facilitators of the body’s natural and innate healing process.

“Our understanding is that there is no cure outside of our own miraculous body. The life force that beats the heart inside our chest, that blesses us with each precious day is the only thing that heals. Technological innovation has allowed the rapid advancement of new technology that supports our body’s innate intelligence to do this job effectively. We are but the facilitators and administrators of Frequency Therapies. The body does the rest.”

Carla A, a patient of Dr. Blessing who was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 9 years ago, was left feeling helpless and hopeless.

“After my treatment program with Dr. Blessing and Tucson Biofeedback, I felt completely renewed and refreshed. Like a different person! My zest for life has returned, my energy is better than it has ever been. I cannot believe how energetic I feel … so stable and positive, like I can rule the world! I am completely pain-free for the 1st time in 20 years and I feel like I finally have my life and health back!” she says.

“At Tucson Biofeedback, all our approaches and treatments are tailored to the unique individual and their health needs. Our procedures are non-invasive, which is excellent for people who are sensitive to pain and we currently have an 89% recovery rates for patients,” says Dr. Blessing.

If you or someone you love is suffering with Fibromyalgia, visit Tucson Biofeedback to learn more.

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