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Jay Grossman, L.A.’s Celebrity Dentist, Weighs in on the Faults of In-Home Teeth Straightening Products like Invisalign

Dr. Jay Grossman

Concierge Dentistry

“The issue with this form of dentistry is that there are no corrections that can be made in your mouth because you are not going to a dental office."

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, January 23, 2020 / -- Now, teeth straightening is the newest dental frontier with startups like SmileDirectClub, Candid, Smilelove and SnapCorrect advertising their services aggressively on billboards and social media. When results are good, the DIY approach can yield thousands of dollars in savings. But when the treatment plan doesn’t produce results or goes wrong, consumer-patients like Rosemond voice their frustrations in Facebook groups and complain to the Better Business Bureau or the Federal Trade Commission that they have nowhere to turn for help.

Dr. Jay Grossman, LA's celebrity dentist, believes that such companies might have faults with their products and is here to express his grave concerns about how people’s teeth can be affected negatively due to this new, trending process. Jay Grossman states that “Invisalign, the clear leader in clear orthodontic aligners, lost their patent a few years ago, sparking competition from new companies, including Smile Direct Club, Candid and others.”

“The challenge with these new products is that they were looking for a new and affordable way of delivering aligners by using at-home impression kits and having a dentist check in with you using teledentistry (phone call or skype),” continues Jay Grossman. “The issue with this form of dentistry is that there are no corrections that can be made in your mouth because you are not going to a dental office, and you are responsible for taking your own impressions which most often are NOT accurate”.

It seems that DIY self has such bad consequences as people can make huge errors since they are not dentists themselves. Is there even any success with these products and companies? The companies do not make information public about success rates or problems—although SmileDirectClub says it has achieved a rating of 4.9 stars out of 5 on nearly 58,000 Google reviews—and there are few scientific studies of outcomes for direct-to-consumer orthodontics.

To get a simple refund after an initial 30-day period, patients are often asked to sign what SmileDirectClub calls a “release,” stating the consumer won’t complain publicly—which it says is fairly standard in business. A shareholder lawsuit against the firm says those releases suppress consumer complaints, leaving investors in the dark.

Jay Grossman believes that such lawsuits are inevitable due to the process of DIY. He believes that you are being duped into believing that you are doing something correctly, but in reality, you are not and need a proper dentist to take care of your teeth. “I personally would not want a medical appointment that requires a hands-on approach to be done remotely, it is a gimmick and it is the reason there are so many lawsuits on these products - you need the personal touch of a qualified dentist,” states Jay Grossman.

Money is the biggest factor as to why the DIY process is becoming more popular as it might seem you are saving money not seeing the dentist in person, but according to Jay Grossman you actually aren’t saving anything. “Orthodontics most definitely needs “tweaking” and adjustments by a qualified dentist, and teledentistry is NOT ideal for orthodontics. The type of tooth movement that an "at-home device" is ideal for, is very minimal movement of teeth, which if you use a product like Invisalign, is a much less expensive treatment plan to begin with, so in the end, there are no real cost savings,” states Jay Grossman.


Dr. Jay Grossman

Dr. Jay Grossman, (, has a concierge dental practice in Brentwood, CA since 1991 with several specialists offering "continuity of care”, all specialties under one roof. Dr. Grossman is one of the few dental practitioners in the Brentwood area to use advanced dental laser technology for more comfortable dental care. He is a graduate of NYU College of Dentistry as well as a former Lieutenant in the United States Navy Dental Corps. He is a current professor at UCLA College of Dentistry, professor at NYU College of Dentistry and a former Professor at Western University College of Dental Medicine. Dr. Grossman is a speaker on the national stage, and the founder of Homeless Not Toothless, an organization that has donated over $5 - Million in free dental care to over 60,000 homeless veterans and foster children.

Dr. Jay Grossman and his Concierge Dentistry team’s goal has always been simple, to deliver the finest dental care available. Using state-of-the-art dental technology, they provide modern imaging capabilities that allow their patients to clearly see the reasons for procedures and the intended results. They recognize that patients are individuals with different goals and needs, and they strive to provide a soothing and educational environment where extraordinary results are realized.

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