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Hematologist and Oncologist Dr. Nader Javadi of Hope Health Center to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

CALABASAS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 16, 2020 / -- Doctors take an oath that has been translated from the original Latin as First Do No Harm. Doctor Nader Javadi is a practicing physician and Oncologist who feels many of his contemporaries are not living up to their promise. The reason is when it comes to Cancer, waiting a few months to begin chemotherapy, or for a slot in a clinical trial to open, is not the ideal treatment for someone with an advancing disease. He advocates not wasting time or limiting treatment options; instead using a type of individualized treatment known as Precision Oncology. Dr. Javadi has spent much of his career guiding patients towards better health and quality of life with this approach, and now has begun to share his knowledge and findings with doctors in other countries. He recently spent time travelling to meet with physicians, along with the Minister of Health in Istanbul Turkey, as well as several members of the Congress in Canada. Exploring the full range of solutions is an even greater imperative in countries where socialized medicine may limit a Cancer patient’s choices.

Dr. Javadi was a physician when he lost his mother to Ovarian Cancer and that inspired him to pursue Oncology as a specialty. He has practiced for more than 20 years now, focusing on the development and use of novel therapies for Cancer treatment. Many of the therapies he pioneered years back are now standard, such as combination therapy. Most recently he has concentrated on Precision Oncology, which is a customized approach to Cancer based on tumor analysis, genetic profiling, and advanced pathology. It involves individualized therapies targeted to the makeup of the patient and the tumor.

When patients come to his Hope Health Center--an independent clinic for cancers and hematologic disorders in Calabasas California--they begin with a genetic counselor who examines their family history and conducts specialized blood tests and genetic sampling. This helps determine abnormalities that not only shape the course of each patient’s treatment, it can help identify risks and prevent later disease in their entire family!

Cancer is after all Cancer, and no one can ever guarantee a cure. Yet Dr. Javadi has proven that more individualized and precise treatment does make a difference in outcomes. He says his daily inspiration comes from seeing the changes in a patient’s quality of life; someone eating, walking or laughing who could not do that a few weeks ago. When people with cancers of every stage are living longer and better, it’s something we tend to call a miracle. Take a quick look at the case studies on the doctor’s website and you will agree, wondrous things are happening for Cancer patients today.

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