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Playpal’s Algorithm Deepens as R&D Shifts toward Chronic Disease Management (CDM)

Playpal’s Algorithm Deepens

Playpal’s Algorithm Deepens

Playpal Future Integrations

Playpal Future Integrations


Women-led health-tech start-up, Playpal, announces its CDM targets for 2020

DENVER, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, January 14, 2020 / -- As the average lifespan expands, the probability of minor issues developing into chronic conditions increases. While the health industry has undergone significant technological revolutions - with IoT glucometers, ECG monitors, BP cuffs, and EEG bands taking the industry by storm - the market remains uni-dimensional and fragmented. As such, there is no platform (yet) that: 1) acts as the data center for an individual’s health information, 2) offers data-driven predictive health-analyses that are unique to the person in question, and 3) incentivizes individuals to be more proactive with their health.

That’s where Playpal comes in, an all-encompassing gamified health ecosystem that embodies the 3 points above (to learn more, read the ABOUT PLAYPAL section at the very bottom). While the company works towards building in-house APIs/SDKs that will enable any and all third party integrations, it also pursues an aggressive research-partnership and integration strategy with various niche health-tech companies and universities in order to deepen and validate its algorithm.

In a Press Release dated October 15th 2019, the budding women-led health-tech startup announced some of its key General Health Management partnership and integration milestones since its inception in April 2017. To name a few: Healbe’s Gobe2 (i.e. the automated smart calorie band), Bagel Labs’ Smart Tape, Brainbit’s EEG headband, Apple Health Kit, the Fitbit Series, and several more. As Playpal moves into a new decade, it comes with an entirely new set of targets that will define 2020 and 2021. To be more specific, the company is narrowing in on some of the most prevalent chronic diseases to date, particularly diabetes, heart disease, and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), in order to expand its algorithm; its co-founders - i.e. Eesha Sheikh, Izza Naveed, and Sana Tayyab - are aligning all research, partnership, and algorithm targets accordingly.

That being said, Playpal’s 2020-2021 health-tech partnership and integration pipeline includes, but is not limited to, Slighter and/or Lumer (i.e. Smart Lighters that track your smoking habits and aid in smoking cessation), Heartin (i.e. a Wearable ECG monitor with an automated stress/fatigue level determination and AI-based arrhythmia diagnostics), Prima Home Kit (i.e. 3 in 1 Monitor for Cholesterol, Triglycerides & Blood Glucose), and Abott’s FreeStyle® Libre (i.e. a recently FDA-approved non-invasive glucose monitoring system). In parallel, Playpal’s female founders are ambitiously pursuing research collaborations with institutions like The University of British Columbia (The Centre for Obesity and Wellbeing Research Excellence), the University of Toronto (Research & Innovation), Monash University (Chronic Disease Prevention and Healthy Ageing), and the University of Sydney (Living Well with Chronic Disease Research Group), whose upcoming research projects go hand-in-hand with the Playpal’s aforementioned disease-cases.
With these high-level growth targets, Playpal aims to offer a highly integrated health system for its Q2 Beta Comercial Release. So stay tuned for more updates - join the Playpal revolution today!


Playpal is a digital web and mobile platform on a mission to create an all-encompassing gamified health ecosystem that 1) integrates with any and all health IOT devices, sensors, and apps (including games!), 2) offers a customized health profile and AI-driven predictive analyses, and 3) incentivizes you with real-world rewards via a digital health currency. Our Platform gives users an advanced health profile and preventative health analyses by tracking their physical and cognitive data from various third party integrations. We combine this analysis with our patented Health Score to guide users towards better health and to incentivise them with real-world rewards. Our vision of health reverses institution-driven health by placing the focus on the individual.
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