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Personal Historian Business Launches Unique Services to Couples Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

Legacy Vine + Love Offers Unique Service to Couples

Legacy Vine launches engagement service

Legacy Vine, an audible time capsule

Legacy Vine by Unassuming Collective launches engagement service

Legacy Vine + Love Curates Audio Recordings Allow Couples to Pour Their Hearts Out

Legacy Vine + Love’s uses audio - the most intimate form of documentation - allowing couples to pour their hearts out to each other capturing their love stories.”
— Mariah Padilla

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA , UNITED STATES, January 9, 2020 / -- For one of the most important moments in a couple’s relationship, how do they choose to record their experience?

Legacy Vine + Love is a Personal Historian business founded in Long Beach, California and based in Sacramento which is offering couples a unique way of remembering the details of their big day and capturing the emotions and thoughts happening beneath the surface. “Audio is the most intimate form of documenting a story while recording vows or a love story is like taking a snapshot of a couple’s feelings at the point in their relationship where they feel most in love,” said Mariah Padilla, Creator and Owner of Legacy Vine + Love.

Padilla has been a Personal Historian for three years beginning with her podcast, Unassuming Collective, a show that provided deeper insight into people’s lives by asking them intimate questions on the mic. In early 2019, Padilla decided to create Legacy Vine as a branch of Unassuming Collective so that she could create more in depth, more personalized and more private versions of what she was doing on the podcast.

“Unassuming Collective was gaining a lot of traction in Long Beach, and I had a great time hosting storytelling open mics, but I still found myself wanting to get on a deeper level with people by giving them the space to reveal more of themselves for their loved ones,” Padilla said. Legacy Vine + Love’s offer to couples does just that, allowing couples to pour their hearts out to each other in a safe space, through a timeless medium with a personalized finished product.

“There is so much to look forward to and so much going on behind the scenes before and during the wedding, but none of that translates through wedding photos or a video. Photos and video capture how a couple looks, but we want to capture how they feel,” said Padilla. “Expressing feelings at the altar or before the wedding can be special, but imagine being able to listen back to those exact thoughts and feelings ten, twenty, thirty years later,” Padilla continued. Legacy Vine + Love is capturing a moment in the present and creating a product that allows couples to experience that moment all over again in the future.

Legacy Vine’s wedding services, Legacy Vine + Love, are now available to all couples in and around the Sacramento Area. Couples or individuals can learn more about Legacy Vine + Love at


About Legacy Vine: Legacy Vine by Unassuming Collective is a Personal Historian service that allows clients to document their ethical will - their life lessons, wisdom, guidance and their truth - for those they love to cherish forever. We sit with clients as they share some of the most important moments of their life and we capture it all on audio, creating an audible time capsule of their life. Legacy Vine + Love is now offering specialized services for couples. Learn more about Legacy Vine + Love at or @UnassumingCollective.

Mariah Padilla
Legacy Vine by Unassuming Collective
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