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100 SafeCare Hospitals®

Compare safety, outcomes, infections, readmissions, and efficiency ratings of hospitals

100 SafeCare Hospitals is disruptive to the healthcare status quo as hospitals that performed poorly on these evidence-based metrics receive a financial penalty from the government”
— Yisrael M. Safeek, MD, MBA, Chairman and CEO The SafeCare Group
LEXINGTON, KY, USA, January 9, 2020 / -- For the seventh consecutive year, The SafeCare Group® has published its ratings of 100 hospitals excelling in Outcomes of Care, Safety of Care, Infections of Care, Efficiency of Care, and Unplanned Visits of Care.

“The top 50 hospitals represent our top one percent of US hospitals,” said Yisrael M. Safeek, MD, MBA, Chairman and CEO. “Just two percent of US hospitals earn the prestigious 100 SafeCare Hospitals distinction. 100 SafeCare Hospitals is truly disruptive to the healthcare status quo as hospitals that performed poorly on these evidence-based metrics receive a financial penalty from the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services.”

“Like other service providers, hospitals are advertising how great they are,” said Dr. Safeek. “Yet, each year an estimated 440,000 patients die from medical errors. Millions more are affected from shabby care, bad treatments, and poor services from hospitals. Also, since the mid-1980s healthcare cost began spiraling out of control from 8 percent of GDP to 18 percent in 2018. The spiraling cost can be attributed to redundant labs, preventable drug reactions, avoidable readmissions, preventable hospital infections, and untimely inpatient mortality interventions.”

Hospitals are encouraged to check their ratings and sign up to view the 2020 100 SafeCare Hospitals rankings at

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The SafeCare Group is focused on helping patients by extending our products across their healthcare journey - everything from finding a hospital, writing reviews, and staying connected afterwards. In 2013, The SafeCare Group launched 100 SafeCare Hospitals® rankings to empower healthcare consumers. Since 2016, The SafeCare Group invested heavily into Artificial Intelligence (AI) software. Known as Intelligent Healthcare™ software by leveraging machine learning and deep-learning capabilities, SafeCare AI® Suite fosters a new generation of AI applications, which are able to sense, reason, act and adapt, to address a range of healthcare challenges in areas such readmissions, medical errors, infections, cost, and outpatient utilization. Since 2014, SafeCareSoft® SaaS solutions enable hospitals to take advantage of disruptive healthcare software known as Softwaring Healthcare Excellence® that optimize hospital ratings and regulatory accreditation. The SafeCare Group® was founded in 2010. For more information about The SafeCare Group, visit

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