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Pivoting Strategies Presents The New CEO Series: Meet Todd Ordal – CEO Coach

In The New CEO Series, Todd Ordal provides a window into what it's like to become CEO of a medium-sized firm and why a strategy is key - even in the good times.

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, January 3, 2020 / -- Washington, D.C., USA, January 3, 2020 In this four-part series, Todd Ordal, President of Applied Strategy, and author of “Never Kick a Cow Chip on a Hot Day: Real Lessons for Real CEOs and Those Who Want to Be,” discusses his journey from a Division President at Kinko’s to becoming a CEO for two medium-sized firms and a start-up, including the scars and lessons he learned along the way.

A CEO Coach for mid-cap companies with revenues in the $50 million to $2 billion range for the past 15 years, Ordal believes, “What got you to $10 million bucks in revenue probably won’t get you to $50 million, and I guarantee it won’t get you to a billion. So, your skill sets have to change.”

“Your behaviors have to change,” he said. “Your calendar has to look different. Who you spend time with has to look different. And, if they don’t get that, they’re not going to make it. I mean it and that’s fine. Sell your company and go start another one.”

“Todd Ordal shares his experiences of growing a company and it’s based on having a strategy,” said Carla A. Fleming, CEO and Founder of Pivoting Strategies. “His honesty and insights about the types of investments a CEO needs to make in their company – including leadership, employees, and in the CEO – provides a set of different lenses an executive can use to evaluate and fine-tune their company for success.”

In The New CEO series, we also discuss his book, “Never Kick a Cow Chip on a Hot Day: Real Lessons for Real CEOs and Those Who Want to Be,” The New CEO, and the role of the stakeholder versus the shareholder’s role in a business.

Applied Strategy
Applied Strategy is a management consulting firm that helps CEOs and other executives lead better, profit more, and sleep soundly at night. Todd Ordal, President of Applied Strategy, is a former CEO and has led teams as large as 7,000 people. As a thought partner to CEOs, he’s been in your shoes. He understands your situation is unique, sees your challenges, and he knows what success and failure feel like - because it is lonely at the top.

The New CEO
A monthly blog, The New CEO Series explores how CEOs and Founders are thinking about redefining the CEO role and the internal capabilities required to grow a company. The challenges they’re grappling with include: the demographic shift; a focus on stakeholders; reimagination of physical products as digital products; the movement from customer behaviors to building customer relationships; and the rise of the Authenticity Age where leaders, consumers, and communities are leveraging social business and corporate social responsibility to solve the challenges we face.

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Pivoting Strategies is a business strategy consulting firm that works with middle-market firms to build their internal capabilities for growth. The work we do allows our clients to develop deep-dive insights about their organization, customers, and marketspaces to recognize new opportunities. The result? Increased revenues, expanded customer lifetime value, and more meaningful, relevant customer engagements.

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