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Online Retailer Launches New Website in Partnership with Creators of 100% Water-Soluble Nanoized CBD Product

Franny4U Logo

Franny4U Logo

Life Infused Pain Relief+ CBD Bottles

The current lineup of SGT Nutraceuticals Life Infused Pain Relief+ organic water-soluble CBD products

Online store Franny4U is pleased to announce its new spin-off site promoting the first & only 100% water-soluble, organic, whole-spectrum nanoized CBD product.

NIAGARA FALLS, NY, UNITED STATES, December 31, 2019 / --, a seller of exclusive limited-edition apparel, decor and other fun items, is pleased to announce the launch of its new health-specific sales channel, launching out of a partnership with SGT Nutraceuticals, creator of the first & only 100% water-soluble, organic, whole-spectrum nanoized (not "nano-enhanced") CBD product. The partnership came into being from a Franny4U co-founder's constant search for better products in this broad industry.

Franny4U was co-founded by young digital marketer Alexander Velitchko with a mission of continuing his late mother Francine's tradition of sharing creative, memory-making gifts with the world; now, as a lifelong purveyor of healthy living and eating, Velitchko is extending the store's scope to selling health & medicinal products that himself & his family have personally approved.

The first of these products is Life Infused Pain Relief+ Industrial Hemp Extract, the first 100% water-soluble and zero-THC CBD on the market composed of true nanoparticles (10-25nm) for 20X the absorption rate of regular CBD -- which enables the highest and best use of medicinal CBD and hemp to date. The nano-size of Life Infused CBD provides calming pain relief within minutes of consumption rather than hours, and without the side effects of psychoactive substances.

Franny4U has chosen to promote Life Infused as part of its founder's partnership with the product's manufacturer & distributor, SGT Nutraceuticals, and offers exclusive discounts for the company's CBD products.

Life Infused Pain Relief+ is a 100% organic nanoized hemp extract containing zero THC, which means it has no psychoactive substances. Because the product is made of nanoparticles and is not simply nano-enhanced, it is twenty times more easily absorbed by the human body as opposed to conventional CBD oil, allowing 95-100% of the particles to be fully absorbed by the body within as fast as only 90 seconds. This CBD is also 100% water-soluble and can be added to beverages of your choice. Life Infused Pain Relief+ is whole spectrum CBD as designated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Alexander's partnership with SGT Nutraceuticals came about as a result of his dad's search for a fast-acting and consistently effective CBD product. In 2015, he was involved in a car accident that seriously affected his health. Pain, anxiety, and severe muscle cramps led him to turn to CBD oil for relief. He tried products from six different CBD providers, but he still was not seeing the results he had hoped for.

After doing some research, Alexander's dad learned that the human body can only absorb a maximum of 5-15% of regular CBD oil. However, he also discovered that nanoized CBD allows for significantly more absorption and typically takes effect in only a few minutes. Then, he came across SGT Nutraceuticals. After using their products, he experienced several nights of good sleep. He also noticed the benefits of the Life Infused CBD almost immediately; the six other brands he tried took at least an hour and a half to give him relief, and would not stop him from waking up well before his alarm.

Franny4U's new project is also in part an extension of Velitchko's new blog -- a website about "New Concepts in Medicinal CBD and Healthy Eating," where he shares tasty recipes from his 15+ years experience on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (more restrictive than just gluten-free), and where his dad examines myths & secrets of the broad CBD industry, dissects health claims of conventional CBD products (in addition to other CBD oils that claim to be "nano"), and discusses the science behind what has made Life Infused nanoized CBD more effective for him than any of the other products he has tried.

To claim the exclusive discounts on Life Infused Pain Relief+, visit the new site: "Get Life Infused Pain Relief+ Water-Soluble CBD Extract." Shoppers save an additional 5% off on top of other discounts that shoppers are already entitled to as customers of SGT Nutraceuticals.

As of this release, SGT Nutraceuticals is offering a sitewide sale of its 2019 stock at up to 76% off retail price while supplies last. By shopping through, you will get an additional 5% discount on top of this. Prices will go up when new stock arrives.

Dollar-for-dollar, even at full price, Life Infused beats every other brand on the market for dollars per milligram of pure CBD. For instance, a 5ml bottle containing 1000 mg of nanoized CBD will cost you only $19.99 while on sale, a price unheard of in the industry -- and don't forget, it's water-soluble!


Franny4U is a unique online gift store that sells limited edition apparel, home decor, natural health products, and more. The store connects people with original items so they can find the perfect gift for themselves or their loved ones. Dedicated to the memory of the store founder's late mother, Franny4U offers fun products for passionate people nationwide and internationally.

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