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Percussion Fitness Donates BuffEnuff Percussion Massagers to Athletic Department at University of Richmond

Student Athlete uses BuffEnuff Percussive Massager for recovery.

Sage Bruhl is a former student athlete who used percussion massage to help warm up before games and also post-game recovery.

University of Richmond Athletic Department endorses BuffEnuff Power Massager.

University of Richmond Athletic Department uses BuffEnuff Power Massager

University of Richmond Athletic Department endorses BuffEnuff Power Massager.

University of Richmond Athletes Recover with BuffEnuff Power Massager

College Athletic Department Introduces BuffEnuff Oscillating Percussion Massage Therapy to Recovery Regime, Spinning Good Vibes for Student Athletes.

BuffEnuff Power Massager keeps University of Richmond Spiders on the field, court, track, course and pool.”
— Chris Jones, Associate Athletic Director University of Richmond
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, USA, December 19, 2019 / -- Spinning like a planet and providing 3300 RPMs of powerful pain relief and muscle recovery, BuffEnuff Power Massager is now being used by student athletes at the University of Richmond in Virginia. Fastly becoming the recovery tool of choice amongst University of Richmond Spiders, the cordless, orbital handheld massage tool ( is used by university baseball players, both in locker rooms and on the sidelines, for quick relief for sore muscles, cramps and athletic recovery.

Donated to the athletic department by a dynamic team of healers and fitness professionals, co-owners of Percussion Fitness, including top doctor of chiropractic, Dr. Warren Bruhl, licensed medical massage therapist, Jason Auer-Sears and CrossFit gym owner, Jimmy Greninger, Percussion Fitness is the first company to introduce a cordless percussive massager, the BuffEnuff Power Massager, that features a flat oscillating surface for expanded healing, delivering powerful pain relief, muscle recovery and relaxation.

Leaning into their misson to share the healing power of percussion massage therapy with the world, (Percussion Fitness also donates massage tools and a portion of the profits from sales to remote villages in Kenya by arrangement with Northbrook, IL based non-profit Dreamweaver International) the leaders of Percussion Fitness are dedicated to bringing healing modalities to students, first sharing BuffEnuff with athletes attending University of Richmond in Virginia earlier this year.

Introducing the oscillating percussion massager BuffEnuff® to the University through his youngest son, Sage, who played baseball at the University of Richmond for the team coached by Tracy Woodson, former Major League player for the Los Angeles Dodgers, Bruhl was thrilled with the positive response from the team.

The players love using BuffEnuff Percussive Massager before games for warming up and afterwards for muscle recovery, also using them while training in the weight room. Providing instruction to the team, Percussion Fitness ultimately donated BuffEnuff recovery tools to the team for their use.

“The University of Richmond uses the BuffEnuff Percussion Massager on a daily basis in the treatment and rehabilitation programs of our student athletes,” states Chris Jones, MS, LAT, ATC, CTS Associate Athletic Director for Sports and Student Athlete Welfare, University of Richmond.

“The unique thing about oscillating BuffEnuff is the clinician can use it, the patient can be trained on how to utilize it for self-care. BuffEnuff is versatile; it can be used for acute injury, chronic injury, and injury prevention. It’s portable and lightweight so it can be utilized in the clinic, on the field of play, or during team travel. The BuffEnuff keeps the Spiders on the field, court, track, course and pool,” Jones goes on to say.

Bruhl taught healing techniques and recovery protocols to the pitchers and University of Richmond pitching program purchased two additional BuffEnuff machines to be used by the pitchers exclusively.

“During the past two seasons, the team traveled with BuffEnuff® sports massager on all road trips and used them in the dugout and bullpen,” states Bruhl.

Intrigued by BuffEnuff®, Chris Jones, head trainer for the athletic department asked for a meeting to discuss it’s use and purchased five additional percussion massagers for the athletic department. Bruhl was asked to provide additional training for all the athletic trainers and taught them BuffEnuff’s proprietary techniques and protocols. Athletes at the University of Richmond have access to use BuffEnuff® before and after their sporting events in the training room and weight room.

Percussion Fitness’ CEO, Bruhl has a desire to help other collegiate sports programs. To learn more, Dr. Bruhl can be reached via email at

“My son played division 1 college baseball at Richmond and I know first hand how stressful this is to the young athletes. I wanted to help my son and the other athletes. That’s why we approached Richmond and offered to donate machines and eventually the athletic department and baseball team liked them so much they purchased more,” says Bruhl.

“These young athletes need help in recovery and reducing stress. Some will go on to professional careers or their scholarships depend on their performance, so BuffEnuff® is like an additional insurance policy along with other good health practices to keep athletes in the games and playing,” states Bruhl.

Professional Teams, including the Chicago Bulls also use BuffEnuff.

“We’re thrilled to also have professional teams like the Chicago Bulls using BuffEnuff Power Massager and have professional football players for customers,” Bruhl states.

Not enough athletes and trainers know about the benefits of adding oscillatory percussion massager (OPM) technology to their workout routine, along with traditional RPM (reciprocating massager) tools that are more prevalent in the industry, some of which feature knobs.

To get the most out of percussion massage tools, Bruhl recommends what he refers to as the “Nice – Mean – Nice” protocol when using reciprocating action massager (RPM tools) tools with the OPM BuffEnuff®. When using both OPM & RPM tools for recovery, Bruhl recommends the following:

Use BuffEnuff® Percussion Massager for 2-3 minutes on areas of treatment, then 1-2 minutes of RPM tool focusing on muscles needing treatment and finish with OPM BuffEnuff massage tool for 2-3 minutes.

To note, while RPM tools can potential have side effects and contra-indications and can be painful, OPM machines like BuffEnuff® have shown significant benefits:

1) OPM massage tools are generally safer and gentler than RPM tools
2) OPM tools offer larger treatment area for contact and more efficient – 6 inch contact surface verses ¼ - 1 inch surface that is either a pointed end or a knob
3) OPM tools are safer for elderly and younger children and more widely preferred for comfort in using
4) OPM massagers can be used on bony areas like the knee, elbow, even the head with special training on techniques
5) OPM massagers help improve circulation so very important for athletes
6) OPM massagers provide a therapeutic warming massage that promotes stress relief and deeper relaxation.

Learn more about Percussion Fitness and their healing techniques at or visit to learn more about the benefits of oscillatory percussion massage therapy.

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Percussion Fitness CEO Dr. Warren Bruhl discusses healing power of BuffEnuff Power Massager