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President Trump named SafeCare 2019 Person of the Year for Delivering Great Healthcare

2019 Person of the Year for healthcare

Fighting The Corrupt Establishment To Better Our Lives

For too long, hospital groups and group purchasing organizations (GPO) have contributed to high healthcare cost, by stifling competition in the marketplace, and opposing price transparency to patients”
— Yisrael Safeek, MD, MBA, CEO of The SafeCare Group
LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY, UNITED STATES, December 11, 2019 / -- SafeCare magazine announced today that its 2019 Person of the Year for healthcare is US President Donald J. Trump. This is the fifth year that the magazine recognized the individual who has contributed significantly toward improving the access, cost, and quality of healthcare across the globe.

Other contenders that made the 2019 shortlist included former VP Joe Biden for his “Obamacare On Opioids” and Sen. Elizabeth Warren for her “Tomahawking Private Insurance” healthcare plan.

The SafeCare cover reads: "Delivering Great Healthcare: Fighting The Corrupt Establishment To Better Our Lives“, and the cover image features the official portrait of the President of the United States. This is the third consecutive year President Trump is Person of the Year for healthcare.

“For too long, powerful special interests, hospital groups, and group purchasing organizations (GPO) have contributed to high healthcare cost, by stifling competition in the marketplace, and opposing price transparency to patients,” stated Yisrael M. Safeek, MD, MBA, CEO of The SafeCare Group. “The do-nothing Congress allows this symbiosis of sleazy sharks to masquerade a step above the law, touting “value” and “savings”, while all the while operating against the free market economy. The special interest cost Americans hundreds of billions of dollars yearly, and contribute to the fleecing of America through an organized pay-to-play racket. President Trump is fighting the corrupt special interests to better our lives.”

Here are 10 of the President’s 2019 outstanding healthcare accomplishments:

I. Improving Price and Quality Transparency
II. Protecting and Improving Medicare for Seniors
III. Ending Surprise Medical Billing
IV. Expanding Coverage for Small Businesses and Workers
V. Reducing Prescription Drug Prices
VI. Advancing American Kidney Health
VII. Protecting Against Global Health Threats
VIII. Modernizing Influenza Vaccines
IX. Protecting Healthcare Benefits for Americans
X. Expanding State Opioid Response Grants

This Person of the Year edition also features:
- Medicare for All Myths
- Healthcare Marketplace Competition
- Medicine’s Glass Ceiling
- Telemedicine
- OxyContin Horror Show
- Physician Burnout
- Mind-Body Care

SafeCare appreciates our readers and strive to deliver information on the people, ideas, organizations and novel technologies affecting safe, efficient, and quality healthcare to the sector’s most influential leaders.

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