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The SafeCare Group Launches Site For Patients

RateAHospital introduces an easier way to find, compare and rate hospitals based on hospital experiences

Patients now have a credible national platform to voice concerns about hospitals and share their experiences,”
— Yisrael Safeek, MD, MBA, CEO of The SafeCare Group
LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY, USA, December 5, 2019 / -- The SafeCare Group, the company that connects people with great hospitals has launched a new site where patients can rate and review hospitals. Patients can now find, compare, and rate hospitals based on individual care experiences at those hospitals in five meaningful areas: How good is this hospital? Do they care about you? Do you trust them? Did the treatment work? Would you go back again?

“Patients now have a credible national platform to voice concerns about hospitals and share their experiences,” said Yisrael Safeek, MD, MBA, CEO of The SafeCare Group. “As The SafeCare Group turns 10, we’re embarking on one of our most significant products with the introduction of for patient experience. Others rate hospitals in metrics that mean very little to healthcare consumers. Patients want to know how good hospitals are and if the people who work at there care about them.”

Dr. Safeek continued, “Each year, an estimated quarter of a million patients (range 250,000 - 440,000) die from medical errors. Millions more are affected from shabby care, bad treatments, and poor services from hospitals. We listened to the numerous emails and letters of complaints, suggestions, and feedback from patients and created an easy tool for them to share experiences about hospitals.”

The new site demonstrates The SafeCare Group’s increased focus and continued investment in developing solutions that bring value to hospital consumers seeking great care. When consumers have a healthcare need, they start looking for hospitals that can offer great care. is a new way for hospital consumers to share experiences and help others on their healthcare journey, and rate hospitals based on five questions:

How good is this hospital?
Some hospitals provide good care while others provide bad. By asking “How good is this hospital?” we are referring to the quality of care offered in hospitals. When you pay attention to how good a hospital is, you can better protect yourself in the hospital. Good hospitals do not offer more expensive care, or have the newest technology, or offer the latest tests and treatments. Rather, good hospitals provide care that is safe, effective, patient centered, timely, efficient, and equitable.

Do they care about you?
Caring hospitals are patient-centered and show genuine interest about you and your loved ones during treatment and services while in the hospital. By asking “Do they care about you?” we are referring to the interactions of patients with hospital staff and leadership while in the hospital. You know the hospital cares about you when they provide care that is respectful of and responsive to your preferences, needs, and values and ensuring that your values guide all clinical decisions.

Do you trust them?
Medical errors are the third leading cause of deaths. Everyone wants to trust that hospitals and health care providers will deliver safe and effective treatments and services. Most hospitals are inspected by the government and other organizations to make sure they perform at an acceptable level. But things can and do go wrong in any hospital, and at some hospitals, medical errors occur more often than at others.

Did the treatment work?
Effective medical treatments depend upon hospitals providing services based on scientific knowledge to all who could benefit and refraining from providing services to those not likely to benefit. Not all hospitals are the same. Research has shown that in some hospitals, patients get better medical care, experience fewer medical mistakes, and receive more attention for their needs. Some hospitals also treat certain medical conditions better than others.

Would you go back again?
Hospitals are supposed to place your individual needs at highest priority when planning your care and treatment. They are supposed to make adjustments where possible to take account of things such as your age, disability, gender, and religion or belief. Great hospitals encourage their staff to listen to what patients have to say. Any concerns are investigated and acted on. Before patients go back to the same hospital, patients should ask themselves about the previous hospital stay.

Users of can also write comments making it easier for others to find a hospital that can offer great care. Personalize Your Care Experience on For more information and RateAHospital metrics, visit:

About The SafeCare Group®
The SafeCare Group is focused on helping patients by extending our products across their healthcare journey - everything from finding a hospital, writing reviews, and staying connected afterwards. In 2013, The SafeCare Group launched 100 SafeCare Hospitals® rankings. Since 2016, The SafeCare Group invested heavily into Artificial Intelligence (AI) software. Known as Intelligent Healthcare™ software by leveraging machine learning and deep-learning capabilities, SafeCare AI® Suite fosters a new generation of AI applications, which are able to sense, reason, act and adapt, to address a range of healthcare challenges in areas such readmissions, medical errors, infections, cost, and outpatient utilization. Since 2014, SafeCareSoft® SaaS solutions enable hospitals to take advantage of disruptive healthcare software known as Softwaring Healthcare Excellence® that optimize hospital ratings and regulatory accreditation. The SafeCare Group® was founded in 2010. For more information about The SafeCare Group, visit

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