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Automotive Digital Agency Reveals The 3 Mindset Shifts Required For Car Dealers To Survive in 2020

The Customer Acquisition Formula Checklist

Registered users to the training will receive free access to Sean Cassy's Customer Acquisition Formula Checklist to help them optimize their marketing efforts.

Turbo Marketing Solutions, an automotive marketing agency, launched a new training to educate dealers on the 3 mindset shifts required to grow sales in 2020.

CHELSEA, QC, CANADA, November 20, 2019 / -- Turbo Marketing Solutions, an Ottawa digital marketing agency specializing in automotive marketing solutions, announced a new training for auto dealerships and automotive professionals in North America. The evergreen training platform offers car dealers and sales professionals insights into the most effective strategies to attract more customers by reducing the drag caused by outdated and obsolete ways of thinking about the industry.

The training can be accessed here:

The automotive industry is quickly changing. Vehicle shoppers are discovering, researching and buying cars differently compared to how it has been traditionally done in the past. Unfortunately, most manufacturers and car dealerships still follow a very traditional framework to build awareness and sell cars.

However, as vehicle shoppers are changing the way they discover, evaluate and shop for their next vehicle, there’s a need to reassess how car dealers, automotive professionals, and solution providers communicate to potential buyers.

“It’s time for car dealers to stop thinking like car people and build an automotive customer experience based on what the customer wants, and not on the current processes of the dealership,” says Sean Cassy, the automotive digital marketing strategist who wrote and narrated the training.

An Auto Consumer Journey Study by Accenture commissioned by Facebook mentions that “…74% of auto consumers surveyed say they bought a new vehicle due to a change in personal circumstances. Consequently, most people only start looking for cars when prompted by a major life event such as graduation, marriage, a new job or a new baby. Many of these milestones are preceded by a period of time when people are in preparation mode and are therefore open to discovering new car content.”

Piling a bunch of unrelated tactics to attract vehicle shoppers with gimmicks no longer provides car dealerships with the predictable and consistent customer acquisition system required to survive and thrive in 2020.

“The training will hopefully help cast down a few archaic ways of thinking still very prevalent when it comes to automotive marketing. Consumers are demanding a new way to shop for cars and dealers who won’t provide it risk getting fossilized with their old ideas” adds Lucie Gauvreau, Turbo Marketing’s CEO.

Registered users to the training will receive free access to Sean Cassy's Customer Acquisition Formula Checklist to help them optimize their marketing efforts.

The 3 Mindset Shifts Required To Build An Automotive Customer Acquisition Machine training is available every weekday.

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