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Amira Learning A Top 10 Startup In The Extreme Tech Challenge

Amira Learning, the company re-inventing learning to read with AI, has been named a Top 10 Startup in the prestigious XTC competition, sponsored by Samsung.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, UNITED STATES, November 8, 2019 / -- Amira Learning, the company re-inventing learning to read with AI, has been named a Top 10 Startup in the prestigious Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC) competition, sponsored by Samsung. Amira is among just 10 Top Startups chosen from hundreds of applicants. The XTC Competition partners with problem-solvers around the world to develop the innovations and technologies to solve the world’s most extreme problems. As the first intelligent reading assistant able to listen to young students read out loud, assess their mastery and deliver personalized 1:1 tutoring, Amira represents the next generation of ed-tech. Powered by AI, Amira can help every student become a motivated and masterful reader.

Research shows that extreme problems like poverty, inequality, and inability to cope with shifting global talent requirements are rooted in illiteracy and the late acquisition of reading fluency. Reading is life’s most important skill. Children who don’t become good readers by age 9 are four times more likely to drop out and suffer 1/3 less career earnings. Longitudinal research has shown that literacy inequality drives economic inequality. In a world where lifelong learning is key to avoiding poverty, poor health and social isolation, illiteracy is the root cause of millions of kids being left behind.

Amira leverages 20+ years of ground-breaking innovation from Carnegie Mellon University to help young children master reading. The software is uniquely able to listen to students read out loud, detect their errors and deliver interactive interventions to build reading skills. In field trials in classrooms around the world conducted by leading universities, Amira powered growth equivalent to giving each student their own certified 1:1 human tutor.
“Our mission is to help every child become a motivated and masterful reader by 3rd grade” said Mark Angel, Amira’s Co-founder and CEO. “We are thankful for the recognition afforded by the XTC Competition. Nothing is more important for the future than getting more children to be good readers. An educated, always-learning citizenry will find ways to solve other problems.”

Amira Learning has combined the latest advances in AI and the most impactful discoveries from reading science to create an interactive and customizable Avatar. Amira is able to tutor Kindergarten thru third grade students through every step of the learning journey – listening word by word, helping when needed, asking questions, bolstering skills. Amira is the first intelligent tutoring system able to assess oral reading fluency and deliver deeply personalized coaching, enabling enormous time savings and generating powerful data for teachers.

About Amira Learning
Amira Learning is re-inventing learning to read with AI. Amira is the first interactive avatar able to assess, read along with and coach developmental readers. Amira utilizes technology developed by Carnegie Mellon University and is led by the former senior technical managers at Renaissance Learning, the leader in Reading Assessment and Practice software in K-12 classrooms. For a personalized demo of Amira, email For more information about Amira Learning, please visit www.Amira

About The Extreme Technology Challenge (XTC)
The Extreme Tech ChallengeSM (XTC) is a nonprofit devoted to promoting education and science through its global startup competition. This competition is designed to elevate the next-generation of entrepreneurs creating new technologies and innovations to benefit humankind. Inspired by the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals, XTC supports and showcases the innovators harnessing the power of technology to address the greatest challenges facing humanity and our planet.

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