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The 2019 Inspire Innovation Conference Proved to Inspire Innovation in Technology and Beyond

EOX Vantage 2019 Inspire Innovation Conference

EOX Vantage 2019 Inspire Innovation Conference

The more we can learn about the technologies that are going to affect our jobs, our companies, and our lives, you just can't put a value on that - it was really great content."”
— Kenneth Kish, VP of Client Development & Marketing at D-Terra Solutions
CLEVELAND, OHIO, UNITED STATES, October 8, 2019 / -- September 22 & 23 marked the fourth annual conference for Vantage Agora with a new theme, Inspire Innovation. But that wasn't the only thing new this year; Vantage Agora announced their rebrand, and that they are now doing business as (D.B.A.) EOX Vantage.

"Insightful", "Engaging", and "Inspiring" are just a few of the words used by many to describe this year's event. From beginning to end, guests were inspired by the captivating, knowledgeable speakers and innovative subjects. The event kicked off with a cocktail reception where guests networked with innovators, entrepreneurs and creative minds, all while celebrating Cleveland's sports-fueled weekend.

Monday's event was led by superstar speakers, ranging from Dean Ilijasic and Sue Stabe, of Long & Short of It, who captured guest's attention with a highly-interactive presentation on how to generate new ideas, to tech savvy minds in Blockchain technology. EOX Vantage's own employees also presented real-world use case studies of their new, game-changing Enterprise Operating System.

During the conference, radio legend Larry Morrow had the chance to chat 'fireside' with Bernie Moreno of Bernie Moreno Companies and Jon Pinney of Kohrman Jackson & Krantz (KJK). He facilitated a riveting discussion as Mr. Moreno and Mr. Pinney spoke of efforts to propel Cleveland to become the next great tech hub, introduce new jobs and retain our top talent. 

In the afternoon, Scott J. Allen, Ph.D. of John Carroll University threw guests for a loop as he encouraged the audience to ponder the fascinating and mind-blowing technologies of the future. Shane Bigelow, CEO of Ownum, took us through a deep-dive into Blockchain. Jennifer Morrissey, CIO at Oswald Companies, demonstrated perfectly how technology instills us with the power to promote better service for clients. Kenneth Kish, VP of Client Development & Marketing at D-Terra, took the magic of 3D printing in manufacturing to a whole new level, and finally, Don Graves, Head of Corporate Responsibility & Community Relations at KeyBank, finished out the day with awe-inspiring examples of innovation 'tangibles' which included his experiences as Executive Director of the President's Council on Jobs and Competitiveness for President Barack Obama.

It was clear from many that the event did exactly what it promised; to inspire innovation.

Kenneth Kish, VP of Client Development & Marketing at D-Terra Solutions stated, "I think it's great because it's all about technology. Technology is the future driver not only of our country, but the global economy, so the more we can learn about the technologies that are going to affect our jobs, our companies, and our lives, you just can't put a value on that - it was really great content."

David Springer, CEO of NIP Group stated, "What's nice about this is it's a bunch of different industries with real technology solutions and it opens up your mind. It makes you think differently, and then you bring all that new thought back to your organization and you do things better in ways you wouldn't have done before. This makes you take a step back and look, and realize that some of these emerging technologies are real, they're happening now, and we need to learn how to harness that and take advantage of it or we'll be left behind."

Videos and photos from the event are available on the event site. Plans are already in motion for next year's event, so make sure to mark your calendar for September 17 & 18, 2020 for more thoughtful inspiration.

About EOX Vantage: At EOX Vantage, our goal is to deliver premier service with insights that boost overall operations. Clients choose EOX Vantage products and services to improve their operational efficiencies through direct assistance from the managed services team, and leveraging the customized Enterprise Operating System. The end result is that EOX Vantage allows clients to focus on what they do best because they have reduced the time it takes to manage the essential, non-core aspects of their operations and improve their effectiveness with data and insights.

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EOX Vantage 2019 Inspire Innovation Conference