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Must I write my Senator for a Health Care Handbook

GLENDALE, AZ, UNITED STATES, October 6, 2019 / -- Must I write my Senator for a Health Care Handbook?

Ever search for health care information and end up feeling powerless and unsure how to get healthcare services you need, including the proper diagnosis?

Now imagine my outrage when abuse of censorship prevented me from receiving a healthcare handbook because of my geographic location, race or income: this is happening to tens of thousands daily.

As a writer, my generous publisher sends me new releases for review by snail mail. For the past year my Home Owners Association (HOA) mailroom, (yes, exclusive gated communities prescreen incoming mail to protect their residents and something called the Office of Publication Review (OPR) has been seizing most books sent to me, and no, none of these are hard core erotica or porn. They are benign titles like Prisoners' Health Care Handbook or How to Write and Get Paid, and it's gotten so bad the mailroom no longer provides the legally required “notice of seizure” hence the headline, Must I write my Senator for healthcare handbook.

Had it not been for a recent phone call with my publisher who happened to ask me if I had received these books, I would not have been aware I should have received said books. Tracking data indicated the books had been on site for 26 days. I should have received notice long ago. Of course, my next phone call was to the mailroom

After my query, I received no, not my books, but a notice of seizure and here are the three reasons listed for denying my First Amendment Rights to read: The Prisoners Healthcare Handbook and a book catalog from Freebird Publishers
1. Encourages sexual behaviors
2. Shows hands, feet or head as weapons. Fighting techniques or self defense.
3. Detrimental to the safe,secure, and orderly operations of the neighborhood.

After my blood stopped boiling, a few more cliches came to mind like, abuse of power, milking it, and a splash of retaliation for my first article about this HOA.

Okay, here is the big reveal and twist:
Everything above is true, only my HOA is the Arizona Department of Corrections. The mailroom is real, at Florence Complex, run by Sgt Ramos. The OPR is real, supervised by Diane Miller. My publisher emailed her for comment (read her response in the next article entitled secret government list, 1,000's of banned publications – revealed) on their practices but it was kick back. ADC has recently closed their email systems to the tax paying citizenry.
**Legal Note: There is a First Amendment suit pending, filed by Prison Legal News Magazine, case cv-15-02245-phx-ROS. The judge has ordered “ADC's current policy prohibiting sexually explicit material is unconstitutional on its face.”
**In another First Amendment Rights case, Judge Berzon wrote in her conclusions about ADC's history of illegal and secretive behaviors, see case cv-14-01447-phx-nvw.

This is the first article in a series on government censorship and retaliations for writing such articles. George R. Kayer is an author and writer. He can be reached through his publisher, or

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