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Popstar Aaron Paul - Music Box - October 2019, APMusicENT c/o 2019 | Photography By Luciana Pampalone Studios

Legendary Pop Culture Visionaries And Their Artist Muse Vanity Fair' Magazine Contributing Writer George Wayne, Popstar Aaron Paul, Celebrity Stylist "The Image Guru" Montgomerry Frazier - Gospel NYC Club - July 2019. | Photography By David Warren Images

Popstar Aaron Paul Published Magazine Fashion Features Of Summer 2019 | Instinct Magazine, Ebby Magazine, FASHIONEDITS, World Equal Magazine, APMusicENT c/o 2019

Popstar Aaron Paul & Celebrated Award Winning Film & Entertainment Producer Lucia Kaiser Attending #NYFW At The Playboy Club, NYC, Sept 2019. APMusicENT c/o 2019 | Photography By CcrPictures

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 1, 2019 / -- Aaron Paul, Art, Music and Fashion Phenomenon to Perform at the VIP After Party For The World Premiere of "Reid Stowe: Art Transformations From The Longest Sea Voyage In History" At Paul Calendrillo Gallery, 548 West 28th Street, New York City, Ground Floor and Mezzanine. Reception October 3.

In a list of artists that have naturally and skillfully combined all 3 artistic forces of Art, Music and Fashion with such dedication, conviction, ease and style, who can ignore or would even want too, the legacy of many great super artists: Bowie, Grace Jones, Madonna, BJork, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and many more. Very few artists can pull off all 3 elements with just one stroke. Be it in a photograph, a recorded song or a live performance, there are very few that can pull the triple hatrick - Art, Music and Fashion - and still make it commercially viable, interesting and unforgettable. British Recording Artist Aaron Paul is one of them.

Aaron burst onto the music scene as the lead singer of the British boy band `World's Apart' which was discovered by Simon Cowell. Now, Aaron is emerging as an amazing solo artist, fueled by natural raw talent, unadulterated fashion & style, all wrapped with a savvy social media attitude, with a new project that has caught the eyes and ears of a whole new generation.

To describe the Artist, Model, Singer, Songwriter, Actor and Fashionista Aaron Paul is to describe a phenomenal Artist. Aaron Paul is one of those rare performers who is able to create groundbreaking work while still giving a nod and a wink to those amazing performers who have gone before him. He is his own phenomenon and the perfect chameleon, but there are so many shades and tones in his presence that bring back the history of rock and pop and bring it into the new times we're living in. He ushers in a new experience in New York City's "last man standing" climate driven by social media, where artists are just a click away in cyberland, but that does not confine Aaron Paul. Even after a very commercial career as lead singer in Simon Cowell's first 'Pop Idol' boyband, or American Idol as known here in the US, Aaron's tenacity and journey mimic's the times just like 1980's artistic revolution where downtown photographers, fine art painters, or lower east side musicians and artists fused together and became a movement that fed the money making mainstream with their artistic hip expression. Aaron embraces all that. Is it no wonder why 'Vanity Fair' famed contributing writer George Wayne added Aaron Paul's name to his class of 2019 "Downtown 100" list, and in a recent quote said, "He is a Star and is what New York City is all about. People come here to be themselves and follow their dreams. And Aaron is doing just that". It is no surprise with so much recognition of his talent from preeminent visionaries that "The Image Guru" Montgomery Frazier, Celebrity Stylist and the man who in the 1980's linked the bridge between Fashion and Music together as Fashion Director of one of TV's Pop culture Phenomenons MTV, recently collaborated with Aaron on this summer's brake though hit, "FASHION #itsFASHINdahlings" along with its fun, witty and cheeky haute couture music video, a respectful nod to all things fashion, directed by fashion photographer Bryan Griffin, who trained and graduated under the acclaimed fashion celebrity photographer Mike Ruiz. As The Image Guru, Montgomery Frazier himself states, "Aaron was like meeting who I was used to meeting when I worked as the Fashion Director of MTV in the mid-80's and early 90's, simply put, he was a HAUTE-ASS POPSTAR with style and swagger as only the Brits can SERVE and a sound and style all his own; one part androgyny, one part Prince, and one part Grace Jones, a totally #uniquebybrid package!"

In the midst of a hectic summer 2019 tour Aaron Paul has been featured and published in as many as 6 separate fashion magazine features alone. Ebby Magazine, Instinct Magazine, and World Equal Magazine to name a few, and he has been photographed by many of New York's art, music, fashion and social scene premier photographers including Luciana Pampalone, Joseph Boggess, Sourov Mukherjee, and David Warren, all of which, including Aaron, coincidentally embrace, use and identify under the creative professionals umbrella of #WeAreSohoMuse,, a private membership social media platform with a collective of creative professional members who are vetted thoroughly and network continuously, again with "TheImageGuru" Montgomery Frazier as part of its helm. Anything ring a bell here? Today's Andy Warhol?

"PopStar Aaron Paul I consider my creative muse, our chemistry as artists is unstoppable. We have been collaborating on many projects for almost a year now. We are both artists, it doesn't matter if in a different artistic field as music or photography the creative process is the true connector for art creation and Aaron delivers that and more" Says Luciana Pampalone, NYC, Creative Visual Fine Arts Artist / Photographer / Influencer Oct 2019.

"Aaron Paul 'POPSTAR' has a heart of gold! He is an amazing singer and songwriter of Lessons in Life, Love and Music, which symbolizes what Ebby Magazine is about.. Living your best life that is luxury for the soul". Says Ebby Antigua, Founder of Ebby Magazine / co Hosting Images and Imagenes A Multi-Emmy Award Winning Television Program.

Aaron has been in major gossip pages, not just for his unique sense of style on the red carpet, but was recently spotlighted in a breaking news segment on Fox 5, the prime time celebrity fueled entertainment gossip show 'Page Six' as his image engulfed the entire studio set as show host, the celebrated Fashion Queen herself Bevy Smith, speculated the truth about a viral report of a recent music video shoot that Aaron did with Bryan Griffin at the Glam Sense Diva's Beauty Bar in Pelham NY. Another video shoot paired him in an artistic collaboration with Hip Hop legend & pioneering TV show "Yo MTV Raps" host Doctor Dre. Another 1980's throwback reference, it's due for release along with his brand new album 'DANCE'. All of this is an undeniable feat as independent artist. Aaron was selected and holds the title as this year's "DIVA', a poster image figure head for the annual much anticipated and attended "DIVA" event sale at the City Opera Thrift Store in New York City, a wonderful consignment clothing boutique and a treasure chess paradise for fashionistas, with all proceeds from the event donated to fuel the arts. A perfect fit!

After the hectic wave and explosion of this past September's #NYFW 2019, where Aaron was often seen sitting front row at many of the runway shows and after events, Aaron celebrated his birthday with several parties of his own. With many of his friends within the entertainment industry personally attended, including celebrated, award winning film and entertainment executive Lucia Kaiser. "What makes Aaron Paul a true artist is his great style, both in the way he dresses and his genuine swagger. When he enters a room, you know he is there and fully present. He has an enormously fantastic personality that attracts everyone to want to be close to him and who wants to be his friend. He is creative and certainly stands out in a crowd. AARON PAUL IS A TRUE STAR. I am pleased that he is in my life and I can call him a friend". Says Kaiser.

Aaron Paul is now preparing to perform at the VIP after party for the world premiere of "Reid Stowe: Art Transformations From The Longest Sea Voyage In History" at Paul Calendrillo Gallery, 548 West 28th Street in Chelsea, New York City. As described by Art Historian Donald Kuspit, "Stowe is a serious discovery. He is a natural born mystic whose long voyage seems to have been an extended religious transcendental experience - and what came out of it are painting that are quite intriguing. They are not classifiable in any certain way. They seem to live in a borderline, exploring between the psychotic and the transcendental, spiritual experience. These works definitely come out of what the psychoanalyst Romain Roland referred to in 1927 as, coincidentally, the "Oceanic Feeling." They are densely layered and as a body overlap with so many modern concepts in painting." This VIP performance will combine an exciting new discovery in Art with the excitement of the discovery of the phenomenal Aaron Paul, joined onstage by his creative visual art dancer and choreographer Lestat Watley, And also by DJ Ian Ford, another great NYC artist, known his days as top club DJ in the NYC nightlife scene and resident DJ at reknown lgbtq bar SPLASH, and he now owns, runs and sells The best Coffee in Bushwick in Brooklyn NYC at his buzzing, hipster spot 'The Caffeine Underground'. That brings the underground into the spotlight. "We are here to help support our local community of creatives, intellectuals, geeks, freaks, musicians, artists, creators, makers, dreamers, LGBTQIA, and anyone who wants to break the mold!" says Ian Ford. "And its always a pleasure work and play music, which is my true passion, and with who else, but a stella NYC artist such as Aaron Paul. I can't wait". (

Jannie Wolff who tapped Aaron for this very special performance wrote about Aaron in her blog post "Notes From The City, An Abundant Life - Phenomenal": "You feel drawn into his orbit, intrigued and interested and also in a very lovely and wonderful way welcomed into the presence of someone you feel intensely is truly great." There is no stopping this undeniable creative powerhouse. With a smile and authentic charm, he is a walking spectacle, an attraction that will attract just about anyone who sees him. And there is also a humble grace combined with a joyous swagger about him that is gender fluid, safe and intriguing. He is the kind of dynamic performer that we don't often see anymore. Maybe he is a New York City real artist who is authentically the "Last One Standing". Enjoy him while he is here.

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Lyrics by Aaron Poole, Montgomery Frazier
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