CompanionLink Launches secure direct Outlook Sync for Xiaomi Redmi Note, Mi 9 and Mi Mix phones

Xiaomi Redmin Note 9 phone sync to Outlook and Office 365.

Sync Xiaomi Mi Phone to Outlook without using Exchange or Google

Xiaomi Redmin Note 9 phone sync to Outlook and Office 365.

Sync Xiaomi Redmi to Outlook without using Exchange or Google

DejaOffice CRM for Android with Outlook Sync using CompanionLink

DejaOffice CRM for Android with Outlook Sync using CompanionLink

Sync Outlook with Xiaomi phones without sharing your data with Google or Exchange – Low cost app features secure USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and DejaCloud Sync

PORTLAND, OR, US, September 25, 2019 / -- CompanionLink Software has released CompanionLink for Outlook Sync for Xiaomi Redmi Note 8, Mi 9 Pro and Mi Mix 3 smartphones. Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes are stored in an PC Style app on the phone called DejaOffice. Xiaomi phone owners can download DejaOffice from the Google Play store, and can also side-load it from the DejaOffice website at

DejaOffice features a compact business-like contact list that shows Contact names, Company, Email and Phone number all in the list view. The calendar features Day, Week and Month. DejaOffice includes Tasks and Notes with a focus on effective business use. All DejaOffice Apps include Outlook Compatible Category Colors, Persistent Alarms, Recurring Tasks, Quick Entry Templates, and Android Widgets.

“Xiaomi phones are maturing in style and sophistication as affordable business solutions,” says Wayland Bruns, Chief Technical Officer at CompanionLink. “Mobile Professionals seek the advantage of handling more customers for lest cost. Using a mobile CRM that smoothly links to office PCs gives them a real marketplace advantage. DejaOffice is the only Android CRM that uses local storage, so you can make notes and updates to your data even when the phone is out of range. When it comes back in range the sync system will catch up with your Office systems.”

CompanionLink® provides Xiaomi Outlook Sync using a proprietary sync system that is not dependent on Google Sync Microsoft Exchange. CompanionLink fully supports all Outlook fields including Category Colors, Tasks, Notes, Journal, Attachments, and Pictures. With CompanionLink you can use USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and DejaCloud sync. DejaCloud is a subscription service which provides instant real-time sync to multiple PC’s and phones. Just enter a new Contact or Calendar item, and you will see it on your desktop, laptop and tablet within seconds, without needing to pay Microsoft or an Exchange host for sync service.

DejaOffice for Android is free and can be downloaded from the Google Play store. CompanionLink for Outlook is $49.95 and one license can be used for either PC or Mac. Both CompanionLink and DejaOffice support Chinese Language. CompanionLink is one of the rare software vendors that answers the phone and helps you install and use the software. Premium support options are available including a service to set up your synchronization and handle any issues you need with PC sync to your phone. For more information, visit

CompanionLink has published a guide on how to use Outlook without paying a subscription charge. You can find the guide here:

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Sync Outlook to Xiaomi Redmi Note 8, Mi 9 and Mi Mix using Secure USB Cable