Forbes features DejaOffice PC CRM as an Inexpensive On-Premise Contact Manager

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Author Gene Marks notes that for many companies DejaOffice CRM may be worth a try.

PORTLAND, OR, US, September 18, 2019 / -- Forbes has featured DejaOffice PC CRM as An Inexpensive On-Premise Contact Manager in an article posted September 2019. Author Gene Marks calls out the long history of CompanionLink, and notes that for some companies, an inexpensive in-house multi-user CRM will suffice for their Contact Management needs.

“CRM has become synonymous with Cloud based solutions for a high monthly fee,” says Wayland Bruns, CTO for CompanionLink. “The reality for small offices is that not all their CRM users are equal. Where a couple of sales people might need a full featured product with opportunities, prospecting and automated tasks, there may be other staff who only need to log in occasionally. Paying a full fee for every staff member log in becomes expensive and inefficient for many small businesses. We sell DejaOffice using the old PC Software model where you buy it once and own it forever. Our local data store means you do not lose control of your marketing and customer service if your internet is down for the day.”

DejaOffice is the only CRM that features offline mode on Android, iPhone and PC Windows platforms. DejaOffice uses a local data store on all platforms. This allows it to have encrypted databases, security and privacy in a way that is impossible for cloud-based solutions. On the PC, DejaOffice data files are a standard format so custom modules and add-ons can be created for automated tasks. An Outlook CRM Add-In version is included.

DejaOffice PC CRM Pro sells as a 5-user license for $199.95 which is $40 per user one-time price. Each user can have a unique login and can password their login. Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes can be assigned to a user or unassigned and visible to everyone. Any user can see their own Calendar, or can view all Calendars. Private records are handled. When a Contact or Event is private, only the logged in user will see it. It is still synchronized to their own Phone but not to other company devices.

DejaOffice is sold with the option of a RunStart setup with data transfer for $49, and Premium Support for $129. Both services allow a tech to log in your computer and set things up exactly as you need. It is very common for CompanionLink technicians to set your office up by importing from discontinued CRM products. DejaOffice PC CRM is easy to install and very fast. A typical setup and import of 5000 contacts and five-user calendar can be done in less than an hour.

DejaOffice and CompanionLink have an Affiliate Program that offers 20% of product sales to bloggers and resellers that promote the product. To apply, fill out the Affiliate form link found on our website footer. In past years CompanionLink has paid out as much as $40k per year to active Affiliates.

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