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WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, September 18, 2019 / -- The White House Kavanaugh facts and investigation block was reported ten months ago, almost a year before the New York Times new articles, in the Memphis Commercial Appeal, by ex-senior White House and congressional aide Robert Weiner.

Weiner said today, on the heels of the New York Times “reprise”, that “It was clear then, and it is clear now, that then-White House Counsel Don McGahn, who spearheaded the nomination of Kavanaugh and sat right behind him in the confirmation hearings, instructed and directed the FBI to ignore all the additional relevant witnesses and evidence” that Kavanaugh allegedly committed sexual abuses in college. “McGahn, Trump, and Senate Republicans wanted Kavanaugh confirmed immediately, come hell or high water, without true vetting,” Weiner contends.

Weiner’s published articles in the Memphis Commercial Appeal were ranked H1 and H2 – the #1 and #2 opeds in the country—by OpEdNews at the time of publication (November 18, 2018 and January 16, 2019).

In the articles, Weiner also pointed out the “Abe Fortas precedent” where a sitting justice can indeed be pressured out – as Fortas was-- for the ethics and good of the Court if the Chief Justice (and/or in all likelihood the President) asks the justice to resign before an investigation reveals the facts to embarrass the Court and the country.

Weiner added, “One part that strikes me is Trump’s proclivity to support people who, like him, have a history of sexual allegations and covering them up. In addition, Kavanaugh uniquely wrote that he opposed investigations of a president. But regardless of the reasons for the rush, it violated the American people’s and Congress’s right to have relevant facts before confirming a Supreme Court justice.”

Weiner said, “Impeachment isn’t necessary – far more likely is a resignation under pressure of embarrassment by the facts and revelation of perjury in Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings.”

Weiner concluded, “Congress must now ask the FBI, including Director Wray, for true answers on what they were instructed to seek and who and what they were asked to ignore.”
Here are the Weiner Memphis Commercial Appeal articles:

November 18, 2018 -- "Abe Fortas Precedent May Hold for House Investigation of Kavanaugh Proceedings in New Congress" -- by Robert Weiner and Emilie Solberg of Weiner Public News -- in Memphis Commercial Appeal | Original
• November 20, 2018 -- Reprinted in OpEd News -- as H1 (1st lead oped nationwide)

January 16, 2019 -- "Roberts should appeal his Kavanaugh complaints" -- in Commercial Appeal, Memphis TN -- by Robert Weiner and Elaine Nalikka of Weiner Public News | PDF

• January 17, 2019 -- "Roberts Should Appeal to His Own Supreme Court on his Kavanaugh Complaints" -- Reprinted in OpEd News -- as H2 (2nd lead oped nationwide)

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