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The world's first Blockchain & Cryptocurrency fund of funds delivers on expectations showing solid track-record


Block Asset Management Team



The world's first Blockchain & Cryptocurrency fund of funds delivers on expectations showing solid track-record

LUXEMBOURG, LUXEMBOURG, August 30, 2019 / -- The world’s first blockchain & cryptocurrency focussed fund of funds, an open-ended investment domiciled in Luxembourg and specialized in blockchain & cryptocurrency investments, was launched at the end of 2017 by Block Asset Management Sarl (the first digital assets focussed AIFM to be registered with CSSF). The Funds aim is to capitalize on long term opportunities arising from the emergence of the new crypto asset class whilst reducing risk & volatility though diversification and extensive due diligence (lower risk than a single manager or direct cryptocurrency investment).

BAM’s founders, Manuel E. De Luque Muntaner and Kevin Ballard, were recently pleased to share a robust track-record for Block Asset Management (BAM). During 2018’s bear market BAM evidenced that they could generate alpha by outperforming the market. This year, as the market has turned positive, BAM have proven they can also catch market uplift with significant returns for investors (+60.03% to 31st July 2019). The Fund’s extensive due diligence & risk management process combined with active fund management has proven to be key factors behind those results.

Co-founder & CCO Kevin Ballard stated “The last published monthly results (July) were very encouraging, with a +24.46% return achieved in a month where Bitcoin retreated -6.31%. This bodes well for our investors and partners and is testament to the quality of Block Asset Management’s team, extensive due diligence and expert fund selection. It confirms what we always knew, diversification in such a new, complex and high-risk asset class is of paramount importance”.

Fellow Co-founder & CEO Manuel E. De Luque Muntaner also underlined that BAM’s investment solutions had become an alternative for investors hesitant due to difficulties in selecting a single strategy or manager. “By providing a more diverse investment opportunity, BAM offers investors a better risk-adjusted exposure to the blockchain & crypto asset class’ long term opportunities, particularly when considering the risk of being hacked or investing in a fund going bust. We also realized that many funds operating in the digital assets ecosystem did not pass our due-diligence process and therefore there was room to generate a higher alpha through our fund selection process.”

BAM is confident that diversified digital asset exposure will become a must in the future, pointing to the emergence of the internet sector in the late 90’s and the subsequent increase in tech companies’ weight within investor’s portfolios and equity markets. Recent market developments have been very constructive too, according to BAM, with the endorsement of blockchain technology by JP Morgan, Samsung, IBM, etc. and custody & clearing services for digital assets now offered by Fidelity and Bakkt.
BAM offers investors diversified exposure to this new asset class, with the benefits of seizing opportunities from a number of different strategies, such as arbitrage, trading, index tracking, mining, lending or STOs/PE investing funds!

The BAM team includes experts with over 100 years combined experience in the fund & asset management industry and also includes an independent Crypto expert advisory board. BAM has already received substantial commitments from global asset managers and family offices and continues to actively seek further investment.

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