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As Amazon Burns, New Documentary - Exclusively on Amazon Prime - Shows Huge Role of Meat and Dairy in Deforestation

This is the cover image for Countdown to Year Zero Amazon Prime Video documentary

Countdown to Year Zero, Exclusively on Amazon Prime

Dr Sailesh Rao, climate change expert, is the star of this Amazon Prime Exclusive

Dr Sailesh Rao of is the star of Countdown to Year Zero

This is just one tree of the many millions being destroyed due to global warming, drought

"The trees are on fire," exclaims journalist Jane Velez-Mitchell during the Malibu fires

Amazon Prime video showing the cover image of the movie about global warming and deforestation

Countdown to Year Zero is free to Amazon Prime Video members, less than one dollar for others. Please watch now.

Countdown to Year Zero explains how our addiction to meat and dairy is killing the planet and why we must change now or face an ecological apocalypse!

When the earth is ravaged, and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come, of many colors, classes and creeds, who - by their actions and deeds - shall make the earth green again.”
— Dr Sailesh Rao, Star of Countdown to Year Zero

MARINA DEL REY, CA, UNITED STATES, August 29, 2019 / -- As the Amazon fires rage, puncturing the lungs of the earth, the mostly untold story is animal agriculture's huge role in this completely avoidable devastation. The fires have largely been set by cattle ranchers and farmers using flame to clear land for cattle grazing and to grow crops to feed the tens of billions of farmed animals raised and killed for food every year.

Countdown to Year Zero, now exclusively on Amazon Prime Video, lays out exactly how animal agriculture, is forcing wildlife into extinction at an alarming rate by destroying wildlife habitats to clear land for animal agriculture. The film's protagonist, Dr Sailesh Rao, predicts that, if we don't create a massive cultural shift to a plant-based lifestyle within eight years, we will have virtually no wild vertebrates left, except in zoos. That will trigger an environmental catastrophe that will, in turn, lead to political and societal chaos, with millions of people displaced by climate change.

Countdown to Year Zero features public statements from actress Alicia Silverstone, Nobel Peace Prize nominee Greta Thunberg, legendary primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall, actor/activist James Cromwell, Moby, Sea Shepherd's Captain Paul Watson of Whale Wars fame, TV celebrity chef Mario Fabbri, the Nonhuman Rights Project's Steven M. Wise, the Save Movement's Anita Krajnc and Amy Jean Davis, Rowdy Girl Sanctuary's Renee King-Sonnen, social media stars Earthling Ed, James Aspey, Ryuji Chua and Genesis Butler! Actress Gianna Simone and powerhouse attorney Lisa R. Bloom lent their support as executive producers. Directed by Jane Unchained News founder Jane Velez-Mitchell. Edited by Jeff Adams. #AmazonPrime #PrimeVideo

Through their voices, Countdown to Year Zero offers a solution! Together, we can avoid this doomsday scenario by making the switch to a plant-based lifestyle. It's never been easier to go vegan with plant-based burgers in Burger King and other fast food chains. KFC just debuted vegan chicken that sold out within hours!

Click here to watch Countdown to Year Zero NOW:

Do want to destroy the future for your children? Or... would be willing to make one simple adjustment to your lifestyle to turn it all around. Watch Countdown to Year Zero! The future is in your hands. This is the most important story of our lifetimes!

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