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Dr. Joy Kong of Chara Biologics and the Thea Center for Regenerative Medicine to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 28, 2019 / -- Dr. Joy Kong is a woman who tackles the impossible time and again. It began in her youth, with her efforts to study medicine and migrate to the United States. She faced numerous obstacles, some of which may not be that easily understood by Americans who are used to certain freedoms. It was her sheer determination that helped her overcome them. In later years, she triumphed again, by treating tough conditions--like Autism, Lupus, and Dementia--and seeing measurable improvement in patients. She is achieving the impossible again, with the introduction of products of such strength and purity never before available. She is also making another stride in her field, by helping other doctors to comprehend and use regenerative medicine therapies and enrich their practices.

Dr. Kong has been speaking to the CUTV News audience over these past weeks, helping them grasp the idea of intelligent medicine: cell-based therapeutics that can signal the body to respond and heal itself. Dr. Kong also introduced listeners to her memoir, Tiger of Beijing, which will be out in October. The title reflects the qualities in her that remind one of a tiger—intelligent, fierce, striking and focused. Dr. Kong’s book begins with her personal journey and determination to get out of China and study in the US. When her visa is rejected, you get a glimpse of her strength and powerful drive. The book goes on to tell a universal story--about sticking to one’s goals, rising above difficult situations, and finding your purpose.

Dr. Kong got her medical degree from UCLA School of Medicine in California and worked in various settings such as Emergency Care, Veteran’s Affairs clinics, alcohol & drug rehabilitation centers, mental health clinics and county hospitals. She has been helping people in dire situations for a long time. Today she is the CEO of Chara Biologics, which sources, develops and provides exciting integrative therapies and personal care products. She also runs the Thea Center for Regenerative Medicine, is the president of American Academy of Integrative Cell Therapy, and devotes a great amount of time and resources to promote high quality clinical research, enlightening the medical community and the public alike. Both "Chara" and "Thea" are of Greek origin and signify the light and joy she brings to patients, families, and other physicians.

Dr. Kong says “Cell therapy is one of the most exciting fields of medicine. It is incredibly powerful and yet holistic. The answers we are looking for are already in the story of our origins. We all began life as a cell, within which are embedded the awe-inspiring intelligence and power to form the complex human that we are.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Dr. Joy Kong in interviews at 2:00pm EDT on Fridays--with Doug Llewelyn on September 6th, and with Jim Masters on August 30th, September 13th, and September 20th

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