DejaOffice CRM App for Android adds Time Zone Display to Contact Dialer

DejaOffice CRM for Android with Outlook Sync using CompanionLink

DejaOffice CRM for Android with Outlook Sync using CompanionLink

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DejaOffice PC CRM - Keep your data securely out of the cloud even while you fly!

DejaOffice CRM for Android with Outlook Calendar Sync

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Contact Display enhances your customer and vendor communication by showing your Contact Time Zone and Local time before you dial.

Coast to coast phone tag is a very real business problem. Your call needs to be timed to catch your prospect at a time that is good for you to engage them. DejaOffice CRM App helps you do that.”
— Wayland Bruns, CEO, CompanionLink Software, Inc.
PORTLAND, OR, US, August 13, 2019 / -- DejaOffice CRM for Android has been updated to remind you what time it is for the person you are calling. For mobile professionals, this helps eliminate a common gaff where you call someone on the west coast too early or call someone during their lunch hour. The DejaOffice CRM App is the only Free App on the Android Play store that contains a Customer Relations Manager on the phone so you can Add Contacts, create appointments and record results even if you are not connected to the internet.

“Coast to coast phone tag is a very real business problem,” says Wayland Bruns, CTO of DejaOffice. “For sensitive Customers and Vendors, you do not want to call at the wrong time and be perceived as being unprofessional. Your call needs to be timed to catch your prospect at a time that is good for you to engage them. The DejaOffice time zone display helps you do that bu reminding you what the local time is for the customer you are dialing.”

DejaOffice CRM with Android Outlook Sync is free from the Google Play Store. To synchronize it uses CompanionLink which is a PC App for Windows and macOS. CompanionLink can synchronize DejaOffice data with Outlook, Act!, Goldmine, Palm Desktop, DejaOffice PC CRM and other leading desktop applications.

Another feature unique to DejaOffice is the ability to keep your calendar stable when you fly from one time zone to another. Many people have the experience that when they travel to another City, their entire Calendar suddenly shifts to be one or more hour off schedule. DejaOffice has a setting to stabilize the time zone shift of the Phone OS, so the Calendar stays stable, and your alarms ring at the right time.

DejaOffice is also available for iPhone Outlook Sync with the same features including Time Zone shift. PC Sync is provided by CompanionLink. CompanionLink for Outlook is $49.95 and can synchronize to DejaOffice using USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and DejaCloud Sync. CompanionLink also provides sync for Palm Desktop, IBM Notes, Act! and other PC Contact and Calendar Apps. For more information see

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