Bigfoot Saves the Wild Horses of America

Bigfoot Saves the Wild Horses

Bigfoot Saves the Wild Horses


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Bigfoot Project Investments, Inc. (BGFT) and the Virginia Range Sanctuary (VRS) Combine Forces to Protect the Wild Horses of America.

Bigfoot Project Investments Inc. (OTCMKTS:BGFT)

REDWOOD CITY, CA, US, August 5, 2019 / -- Bigfoot Project Investments Inc. (BGFT) has entered into an advisory contract with The Virginia Range Sanctuary (VRS). The Vice President of the organization Connie Carlson (owner of the historic Silver Queen hotel & saloon located in Virginia City) introduced Tom Biscardi the CEO of BGFT to the President and Founder of The Virginia Range Sanctuary, Dr. Colletti. The CEO and founder of Bigfoot Project Investments and Searching for Bigfoot, Tom Biscardi recognized the need to assist Dr. Pat Colletti and his 501C3 (not for profit) in their quest to retain the majesty of the wild horses found in Nevada and across America.

The Virginia Range Sanctuary is a not for profit registered in the state of Nevada, organized and operating as a sanctuary for the wild horses in Nevada. The not for profit takes a different approach in saving the wild horses of Nevada. Leading the horse advocacy in seeking to set aside a location and facility to house and treat the wild horses of Nevada and in the connecting states.

Mr. Biscardi and Dr. Colletti have identified sufficient available acreage to treat, house, feed and water a significant number of wild horses. The organization seeks to form an alliance with other sanctuaries to create a network of locations for treatment of sick horses or those injured on the road, etc.. Providing a network of locations for these majestic migratory animals to navigate could potentially minimize their exposure to the main cause of injury and death which are highways and roads on their migratory route. This type of program and care would only be done with complete approval of the Department of Agriculture and other related government entities.

The state of Nevada is home to the nation’s highest number of wild horses. The Virginia Range is considered prime territory for horse viewing. The wild horse population in America is close to 72,000 with the majority (over 43,000) roaming the state of Nevada.

The Virginia Range Sanctuary seeks to provide range where the wild horses can roam without the dangers of highways. The Organization is registered as a not for profit and is supported by public donations. Your donation to our 501(c)3 non-profit organization saves horses from slaughter and helps preserve and restore the Virginia Range as a home for all its inhabitants.

The Virginia Range Sanctuary thanks Bigfoot Project Investments for spearheading increased efforts in the implementation of securing the territory for this ambitious project.

More information about the organization can be found at:
All contributions and donations are much appreciated.

For additional information please contact the President of Virginia Range Sanctuary at or call Dr. Pat Colletti at 775-354-5455, or contact the CEO of BGFT at or call Tom Biscardi at 415-518-8494.
In other business news, BGFT received confirmation over the weekend that the merger with Loadchief continues to move forward in a positive manner.

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