Endeavor Consulting, Inc. is Implementing a New Approach in Financial Recovery

No matter what the next endeavor is, there are times where counseling and help are required to navigate the challenging pathway.

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Jacquline Talbert, Chief Operating Officer

Using an innovative educational platform to financial consulting, credit repair, money management and retirement planning,

The key to success is selecting clients who want to participate in the process,”
— Chief Operating Officer, Jacquline Talbert
COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, August 5, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Endeavor Consulting, Inc. is now open and with the goal of taking an innovative approach to financial recovery for individuals and businesses. The Colorado Springs company extends beyond credit restoration, educating their clients in vital money managing skills, including balancing a checkbook, creating a budget, filing taxes, buying insurance, business planning, and preparing for retirement.

Chief Executive Officer and founder of Endeavor, Michael Wilkinson, said he was inspired to incorporate Endeavor when he saw the need for financial education amongst average consumers. He said he’s learned from experience that other reputable companies cannot compete with Endeavor’s educational approach. “I wanted to create a platform that could educate people in the areas of credit, debt, taxes, and retirement, all at the same time, without them having to go hire four or five companies to accomplish that task,” said the entrepreneur.

Wilkinson is not a newcomer to the realm of financial restoration and mentoring. The CEO has had several previous ventures in the credit industry and has learned a lot from both his successes and failures.

Wilkinson said that Endeavor understands the information gap in personal and business finances. “We aim to bridge the gap between information and misinformation in these industries to help our clients obtain their own financial endeavors,” he continued.

Endeavor names Lexington Law and other reputable credit repair organizations amongst its top competitors. Endeavor claims to be set apart in affordability amongst other entities who are, perhaps, lucratively motivated.

“Endeavor is not in it for the money. We are in business to show our clients how to recover financially and educate them on life’s endeavors, such as buying a new car, a house, or preparing for retirement,” said Endeavor’s current Chief Operating Officer, Jacquline Talbert.

The COO commented that, unfortunately, many scams claiming to be credit repair agencies have often kept some potential consumers from taking the next step and getting the assistance they need from legitimate credit help organizations such as Endeavor.

“The key to success is selecting clients who want to participate in the process,” said Talbert.

Since the beginning, Endeavor’s motto has been “By Your Side through All of Life’s Endeavors.” Endeavor’s claim is that their approach helps clients understand and strategize their finances by reviewing critical areas encompassing their credit, debt, taxes, and financial future. “Endeavor’s programs and strategies are not exclusively limited to those living in Colorado,” Talbert said. Although the company is headquartered in Colorado, they’re creating a national outreach.

Talbert started as an account analyst with the company in January of 2019 and was quickly promoted to COO in June. The recent MBA graduate mentioned she is currently helping to implement new policies and procedures as Endeavor finds its secure footing during the first key formative years essential to any new business’s growth.

At the helm of the corporation and with seven mainstay employees in his following, Wilkinson has had his own set of endeavors in play. He does not stop at merely fulfilling the vision of the company. Instead, the entrepreneur expands beyond the norm of financial CEO, delving into his latest adventure as author of “An Orphan’s Tale,” a culmination of his creative talent and past experiences.

The author also recently founded “An Orphan’s Team,” a nonprofit designed to help those in the world who are struggling with some of the same challenges Wilkinson faced early on in his life. “An Orphan’s Team was created to provide awareness, education, and work force solutions to orphans and rehabilitate human trafficked persons across the globe,” said Wilkinson.

Endeavor offers four client programs and a percentage of earnings are allocated to AOT, further confirming Endeavor’s value system that they are “not in it for the money.” Additionally, there are several client testimonials listed on Endeavor’s Facebook page as well as videos, helping to reassure potential clients who hesitate to join an Endeavor program.

Another long-term goal on the horizon is to implement a “Business Incubator” facility where small business owners can resource office space and vital business tools. “They would have an actual business address, an onsite bookkeeper, and key experts to talk to about their taxes, retirement plans, insurance options and the like,” said Talbert.

Whatever success or challenge may lie ahead for the company, Endeavor Consulting, Inc. plans to continue to embark on their financial industry pilgrimage as benchmark leaders, utilizing their unique approach, creativity, experience, and expertise.


For more information on Endeavor Consulting, Inc. visit their website at www.endeavorconsultinginc.com or their company Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/endeavorfinance/

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