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If you think devastating algae blooms and HABs affecting waterways are going to go away by themselves...think again

THE WOODLANDS, TX, USA, August 6, 2019 / -- The devastating algae bloom, HABs and red tide problems are not just a local problem but a global problem affecting water quality, fishing, tourism, real estate and local economies. Are they affecting a pond, marina, lake or ocean near you? Has your property value gone down because your oceanfront or lakefront property is now contaminated?

Instead of pointing fingers at the source, we need to take a holistic comprehensive approach to reducing excess nutrient loads getting into streams and rivers and ending up in marinas, lakes and oceans. Algae blooms and HABs are making news every day.

Recent News Articles:

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• Residents near Chowan River concerned about algae bloom - WITN

Extensive research, testing and monitoring are only part of the solution. Limiting nutrients getting into waterways and commercial algae bloom and HAB remediation are needed today, along with on-going maintenance.

The National Algae Association welcomes the agriculture community, algae bloom and HAB researchers, states/governments and remediation technology companies to join in open collaboration to find solutions. To find viable solutions, we need to educate each other and identify bloom remediation technologies that are proven outside the lab, are scalable and are economically feasible. NAA believes it is in a unique position to identify commercial-scale algae bloom/HABs remediation technologies to meet the different unique waterway challenges. Only through real collaboration with university researchers, bloom remediation technologies and equipment from private industry all working side-by-side will we find tangible solutions to fix the devastating problem. By identifying remediation technologies that are proven, scalable and economically feasible, commercial deployment will take place.

Join solutions-oriented stakeholders, algae bloom & HAB researchers and private industry as they tackle these many different devastating issues through open collaboration and networking opportunities.

The National Algae Association, the leading algae trade association, announces the next Algae Bloom and HABs Remediation Workshop on September 10-11, 2019 at University of Toledo, Nitschke Auditorium/Brady Center in Toledo, Ohio.


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