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History Publishing Agrees to Publish Expository Book by former FBI Official

Former FBI Assistant Deputy Director, Unit Director, and  FBI Investigator of Soviet activities in the U.S.

Co-Author, Former FBI Asst. Dep. Director

Historian, co-author, author of "The Words of War"

Co-Author, historian

History Publishing Company LLC

Former FBI Agent traces evolution of the ideology of radical left from violent terrorism of 1970's to its safe house inside the modern day Democratic Party.

This book is being written in the spirit of Thomas Paine’s "Common Sense”
— Donagh Bracken
PALISADES, NY, US, August 5, 2019 / -- History Publishing Company of Palisades, NY has agreed to publish a forthcoming book,"In Their Own Words", by Terry D. Turchie, the FBI's former Deputy Assistant Director of Counter terrorism.Donagh Bracken is co-author. "In Their Own Words" is about the Democratic Party's push to move the United States towards a so-called socialist democracy, contrary to the wishes of the Founding Fathers,and what it really means to Americans raised with a heritage of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

The book traces the evolution of the ideology of the radical left from its violent terrorism of the 1970's to its safe house inside the modern day Democratic Party. Through interviews, documents, and an education born from a lifetime of working national security on America's domestic front lines, "In Their Own Words" exposes the true intentions of many in the political hierarchy in the United States as they work to replace the Bill of Rights with a highly centralized, collective government.

During his career in the FBI, Turchie was assigned to the Bureau's New York City Office,where he and his colleagues worked to counter the intelligence efforts of the Political Branch of the former Soviet Union's KGB. He was transferred to Washington, D.C. where he supervised the FBI's nationwide counter-intelligence program against the KGB's Science and Technical Branch. After two years supervising a squad in San Francisco that countered the intelligence efforts of Soviet satellite countries, Turchie was transferred to the FBI's Palo Alto office, which is the only FBI office dedicated solely to counterintelligence in America's Silicon Valley.

In 1994, Turchie was transferred from the FBI's Counterintelligence Division to head the Unabom Task Force; was assigned as the FBI's Inspector in Charge of the hunt for Olympic bomber Eric Robert Rudolph in 1998; and appointed the FBI's first Deputy Assistant Director of the newly created Counterterrorism Division in January, 2000. In March of that year, he traveled with former FBI Director Louie Freeh to eight Far Eastern countries in seven days as part of the FBI's quest to alert other nations to the dangers posed by Osama bin Laden and al- Qaeda. He received numerous awards and honors throughout his FBI career for his work in national security, including from the CIA.

Over the years Turchie has developed a knowledge of, and sensitivity to the "modus operandi" of those who seek to increase their power and influence in the U.S. Government.He is the author of four award winning books, among them "Homeland Insecurity," subtitled "How Washington Politicians Have Made America Less Safe." Published in 2008, Mr. Turchie gave many warnings to the American public among them, the dangers of turning the FBI into an intelligence collection agency in the mold of the CIA following the 9/11 terrorist attacks against the United States. That decision, made by former FBI Director Robert Mueller, as well as his decision to have direct relationships with future Presidents, helped create an atmosphere in which the FBI and other intelligence agencies were eventually weaponized against political targets.

Donagh Bracken, an historian and former political activist,is the author of the award winning "The Words of War" published in 2007 contrasting the Civil War reportage of "The New York Times" and the "Charleston Mercury"He is also the publisher of History Publishing Company.“We are working to bring this book to the attention of the American public,” said Bracken.“It is being written in the spirit of Thomas Paine’s "Common Sense."

The publication date scheduled for "In Their Own Words" is November 15, 2019.

Donagh Bracken
History Publishing Company LLC
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