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"Ask not what book publicity can do for you..." -- 5 Tips to Maximize Media Exposure

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Book publicity isn't an "end," it's a beginning; it's now more of a tool than a process. You have to use your publicity to achieve maximum results.

To paraphrase a famous American president, "Ask not what book publicity can do for you, but what you can do with your publicity."”
— Dan Smith
CHERRY HILL, NJ , U.S., June 12, 2019 / -- In book publicity, it's tempting to sit back and wait for publicity to "do its thing." After all, your book has been featured in newspapers and magazines, you've been interviewed countless times on radio programs, appeared on TV, and even enjoyed some glowing published reviews. Now, you might think, it's time to sit back and watch the book sales rack up and your book rocket in popularity.

Book publicity isn't an "end," it's a beginning; it's now more of a tool than a process. You have to use your publicity. To paraphrase a famous American president, "Ask not what publicity can do for you, but what you can do with your publicity."

The following are tips to get your mind thinking in a new direction when it comes to your book and book promotion and publicity; the possibilities of what you can do are only limited by your imagination.

1.) Internet, Internet, Internet.

There are so many ways to use the Internet to get the most from your publicity, and more opportunities are literally developed every day.

Website: Put simply, when you get media coverage, put it on your website, immediately. Create an engaging and interesting "media" page on which you showcase your coverage. Create audio links to radio interviews, video links for your TV appearances, and list all of the print coverage you've received. Creating hyperlinks to archived coverage, and remember that virtually all media outlets now have online equivalents or supplements. In most cases, MP3 or similar audio files and videos will already be created for you by the media outlet, you just have to link to it.

Social Networking: Announce every interview or article about you or your book to the online world via social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and the scores of other sites. You did a radio interview, Tweet about it and list on all your social networking outlets. If you haven't already, find the special interest networking sites out there; join them, and let them know what you're doing.

The key thing to keep in mind about the Internet is that what goes on the Internet, stays on the Internet. And the more you put on the Internet about your book, the more search engines will find it, the higher your website Google ranking will become, and that beautiful thing known as a "buzz" about your book will begin.

2.) Use media exposure as a tool to get more exposure.

Contrary to what you might think, media outlets often become interested in an author or book when a producer or editor hears or reads about it from another media outlet! Why do you see authors become "hot" media items, heavily requested for interviews? Because once media professionals are no different than anyone else. If they hear about someone interesting, they are going to be interested. With the exception of "hard news," i.e. breaking, explosive stories, media outlets consistently cover the same subjects and people.

If your local newspaper, for example, writes a story about you, then why not tell a national or much larger regional paper about it? Send them a clipping of the story, show them you're interesting, and they just might want to cover you as well. If you're interviewed on a small radio talk show, why not send a BBC producer a link to your interview?

3.)You're an author, people are talking and writing about you, you're unique; use it to enhance your professional advantage.

Even with the explosion of self-publishing and the fact that more people than ever are publishing books, the vast majority of people have not written one. Whether you realized it or not, you're special, you are unique, and people will look at you differently because you've written a book. Most importantly, the media coverage you secure as a result of an author promotion campaign makes you more than special; it gives you credibility and make others view you as important. Whether you've penned a novel or written a business advice book, you can use that book and media coverage to enhance your career.

4.) Make you and your book more appealing to agents and publishers.

Authors are increasingly going the self-published route first, and the traditional publishing route second. High sales numbers will certainly open eyes, and media coverage will too. The classic query letter to an agent or publisher can be transformed into a magnet for attention if accompanied with press clippings and highlights of media coverage. Your odds of getting the attention of an agent or publisher increase substantially if they see that others have already taken an interest in you.

5.) Make you and your next book more appealing.

Pull quotes from articles or reviews and put them at the top or bottom of your book cover. Put "As Featured in ..." if you received coverage in substantial outlets or were interviewed on well-known shows.
On Amazon and other bookselling sites, in your bio section make sure to add in notable media coverage for your previous book.

The idea is straightforward: If your previous book received acclaim and positive media feedback, your new book must also be good!

One thing to keep in mind: For book covers, it's best to include quotes or listing of interviews completed if these are from mid-level to large media outlets. An endorsement from your tiny local newspaper -- although great publicity -- probably won't mean much to book buyers all over the country or world.

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